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  1. DisNerd86

    Pop Century shopping

    We’re here right now. They have registers open that you can order from, or you can mobile order. But there aren’t walk up fridges. You just tell the register what you want, they give you a buzzer, and you wait for them to bring up your order. I saw someone get a half gallon of milk that way...
  2. DisNerd86

    Riviera resort

    I haven't eaten at the restaurants (but loved the coffee shop on our skyliner hop last trip), so I have question. The prices at Primo are higher than other resort QS restaurants for the same meals (like Pop's food court). Not by a ton, but from $0.50 to $1 for things like Mickey waffle kids...
  3. DisNerd86

    Trip Report Let's try a live report this time! May 1-6

    How did you sign up for the Fairy Godmother in Training thing? That looks adorable! I was bummed that my soon to be 4 year old would miss BBB on our upcoming trip but this might be a wonderful alternative.
  4. DisNerd86

    Trip Report That’s No Moon... ***Completed***

    I rode the Safari when I was 4 months pregnant with my first after discussing with my doctor. Nothing bad happened, thank goodness! I'm pregnant now with my second and am thinking about riding it when we go in June (I will be 6 months) - my biggest hesitation is really the judge-y stares I'm...
  5. DisNerd86

    Flying With a 2 Year Old

    Our daughter used them on all 4 legs of our flight to Iceland and back and seemed to be able to hear everything ok. My only complaint is that I had to readjust the placement of the speakers in the headband for her every time she yanked the cord too hard.
  6. DisNerd86

    Flying With a 2 Year Old

    CozyPhones Over The Ear Headband Headphones - Kids Headphones Volume Limited with Thin Speakers & Super Soft Stretchy Headband - Mystic Unicorn these are the ones we got and she still loves them. Also helps for long car rides where we don’t want to listen to The Jungle Book in repeat 😊
  7. DisNerd86

    Flying With a 2 Year Old

    We flew with our two year old to Iceland and had all these same worries (except masking which wasn’t a thing then.) as someone else noted above, chewing gummies and sucking through a straw helps release ear pressure, and we didn’t have any trouble with that. We also got headphones that are...
  8. DisNerd86

    Last Minute Trip Help

    We are going that same week and I looked to add another room the other day for my brother and sister in law, but nothing was open at the hotel we are at. Also, there are no passes for Hollywood Studios and almost none for Magic Kingdom (maybe only 2 days in the week have MK available). My...
  9. DisNerd86

    Booking Droid Depot

    Hi! Yes, we booked our droid reservation. The window opened up the same as our dining window did so we were able to get a spot on the third day of our trip. I’m not sure how hard these are to book though so my stress was probably unfounded. But we’re very excited to build our own little robot!
  10. DisNerd86

    Booking Droid Depot

    Does anyone know if the Droid Depot booking window opens the same way dining booking does? Meaning, once our 60 day window opens for dining and we get the rest of the trip, will we also be able to book a Droid Depot reservation for the 3rd day of our trip even though it's more than 60 days out...
  11. DisNerd86

    Park reservation not included with admission

    We were looking at adding a day on to our June trip last night and before I got to the payment screen, I got a large notification with hyperlink telling me to check park pass reservation availability before completing my transaction. Agreed that Disney shouldn’t sell tickets if there is no...
  12. DisNerd86

    New restaurant mask rule

    Then maybe dine on an expensive meal in a restaurant that doesn't have these rules? You're opinion of what is needed or unneeded has nothing to do with servers doing their jobs. The lack of compassion for the service industry for the last year from people on all sides of the spectrum has been...
  13. DisNerd86

    Where in The World?

    Outside of Pirates?
  14. DisNerd86

    I am SO overwhelmed - first timer - please help - I know there must be resources

    How exciting! First, for first time planning as an adult, I used disneytouristblog.com A TON. They have 1 day touring plans for each park which will be hugely helpful in the no-park-hopping environment. They have reviews of all the hotels and restaurants, and lots of COVID specific updates to...
  15. DisNerd86

    Pre-Trip I look at you, and I'm home - September 2020 (LIVE)

    I love that you have “4 Years” printed on the bands. Such a cute idea!
  16. DisNerd86

    Disney for New Years, do we think crowds will still be limited?

    I think that's a pretty fair assessment. We have been operating on the "doubt they are gonna be open, nothing lost by hoping" attitude about it. Not much to be excited about these days so we take the bright spots where we find them I suppose. My biggest hope for New Year's at Disney is that...
  17. DisNerd86

    Disney for New Years, do we think crowds will still be limited?

    We have a week-long trip booked for this New Year's after going last year at the same time and having an amazing trip. We made our reservations for POP just before Disney closed everything down. Obviously we expect things to be drastically different, and we are up in the air about going at...
  18. DisNerd86

    check park availability?

    And (oddly) one of the first days for Animal Kingdom is full. I thought this would be a tough park to fill because it seems like it would have the highest capacity?
  19. DisNerd86

    Non-expert questions about Pass Reservation System - already had tickets pre-COVID, help!

    I think the window for booking dining has changed from 180 days pre-trip to 60 days pre-trip. As of right now, CRT is not on the list of restaurants scheduled to open with the park in July. That could definitely change by October. Good luck with your trip!
  20. DisNerd86

    Art of Animation

    We stayed at AoA in a LM room for our last trip (over NYE this year). We loved access to the Skyliner, and we really enjoyed the splash pad for kids and the pool. We have a 2 year old and she was OBSESSED with the room theme and, in particular, she loved the Elephant Graveyard section outside...
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