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  1. WDW Imagineer

    Easter Parade

    Does anybody know when they will be filming the Easter parade this year? -Thanks:)
  2. WDW Imagineer

    Spaceship Earth & New Commercials

    I don't know if anyone has noticed this but in the new WDW commercials, featuring Illuminations and the brother and sister, in all the shots showing spaceship earth, the wand and epcot sign is not shown. Below is the link to the high res version, where you can see it better, but don't worry...
  3. WDW Imagineer

    All-Star Movies Question

    I am staying at the All Star Movie Resort. My question is: does each room have a hair dryer? With all the added security in the airports, I'm not sure if the medal on the dryer will activate the alarms. Since the metal detectors are very sensitive, I don't want anything to delay or ruin our trip.
  4. WDW Imagineer

    More Info on the New NON-Disney Resort

    The Orlando Sentinel has an article telling how the new hotel is going to be a Fairfield Inn. According the article Fairfield is actually buying the land from the company that started development on the area already. Fairfield plans to build timeshare on the land instead of a resort. This...
  5. WDW Imagineer

    New Journey Into Imagination Pictures

    I took some pictures of the new attraction today. Sorry in advance the car was moving very quickly and some of the pictures are a little blurry. http://www.discotraveler.com/figment/figment.html Have Fun!:)
  6. WDW Imagineer

    Got a question about Imaging Programs

    I currently have a copyof Jasc Pant Shop Pro 7, I have been hearing a lot of good things about Photoshop. Is there anyone who knows what the main difference is between the two programs and is it worth the upgrade, especially in price. I use if for medium graphic creation for my website...
  7. WDW Imagineer

    Helicopters Flying Around

    The last few times that I have gone to WDW I have noticed in every park that there are helicopters flying around, every 20 minutes or so. I though disney had closed airspace, so I think the idea of curious rich people with helicopters is not the answer. Does anyone know what they are...
  8. WDW Imagineer

    New Hotel Idea

    Now that Disney's Wide World of Sports Complex is considered a "resort area" I have a great idea for a new resort. It would be called the ESPN Hotel, with sports memoribelia all over the place like the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal, but better because it is Disney:D IT would be a deluxe...
  9. WDW Imagineer

    Any news on Port Orleans

    Has Disney opened up the rest of Port Orleans yet? I know that they were starting to open it up building by building, and that they were accepting reservations again:animwink:
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