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  1. DisneyJunkie

    What similar ride should be in the other parks?

    We all know that there are certain types of rides that are basically copied - though different in theme - from one park to the next (or even tripled up in the same park). I'm primarily referring to what I call the "kiddie spinner" ride such as Dumbo, Flying Carpets, and Astro Orbiter......which...
  2. DisneyJunkie

    Park Pizza Places

    Can anyone confirm that PizzeRizzo is now the only theme park quick service dining place that serves actual pizza and not flatbreads? I used to enjoy the pizza at places like Pinocchio Village Haus (MK) and Pizzafari (AK) and have noticed the trend in recent years is to overhaul the menu, remove...
  3. DisneyJunkie

    How close are you to WDW?

    I've always envied those who live in Florida, have their annual passes, and can just go to WDW at the drop of a hat or as the mood strikes. How close do some of you live to WDW and how often would you say you visit?
  4. DisneyJunkie

    The Best Feeling.....

    Out of all of the listed options, which would you rank as giving you the best feeling?
  5. DisneyJunkie

    The Best Scents in WDW (Poll)

    I know the "best smell" threads have been numerous, but this time I thought I would simply list a number of the most commonly heard options (that I've heard anyway) of some of the best scents in the World. Which is yours?
  6. DisneyJunkie

    When was your last visit to WDW?

    Unfortunately for me, I haven't been since September 2012......just before they started preview openings of New Fantasyland. And even more unfortunately, I can't see a trip again in the near future, but there's always hope. How long has it been for you?
  7. DisneyJunkie

    Which bothers you the most?

    Which of the items listed in the poll do you find annoying the most? (This is meant to be for light discussion, nothing more.)
  8. DisneyJunkie

    Your longest WDW trip

    What is the longest trip you have taken to WDW where you stayed on-property the entire time? I think mine is maybe 8 days/7 nights. I see posts every now and then of people planning 10 day or 2 week trips and can't help but be jealous - although by the last day of our trip we've seen and done...
  9. DisneyJunkie

    Your favorite PARTS of WDW attractions...what are they?

    This isn't a "what is your favorite ride" question, but out of ALL of the attractions in WDW, are there any particular parts of those rides that you just really can't get enough of? For instance, I love Space Mountain, but in particular on the right hand track there's a moment towards the end...
  10. DisneyJunkie

    What ONE ride in each park could you ride all day long?

    If you were going to do some weird thing just to say you did it, and spend an entire day in each park only riding ONE ride the entire time, what would it be? For me: MK: Space Mountain Epcot: Test Track DHS: Rock n' Roller Coaster AK: Expedition Everest
  11. DisneyJunkie

    WDW Nods to the Other Parks

    We're all aware of the Hidden Mickey touches throughout the parks and resorts in WDW. We're even aware of winking nods within attractions to former ones (i.e. Mr. Toad handing off the deed in Winnie the Pooh, Mr. Toad grave marker at Haunted Mansion, 20K Leagues ship appearing in the rockwork at...
  12. DisneyJunkie

    What Haven't You Experienced Since Last Time?

    As we know, the longer it is between WDW visits, the worse it is......because of the wait, but also because of how much more new or changed things there are that you haven't gotten to experience yet. So what new things do you look forward to experiencing since your last trip? My last trip was...
  13. DisneyJunkie

    The Martian

    Finally caught "The Martian" last night. Basically what we have is a retread of the Tom Hanks film "Cast Away" except set on an entirely different planet. Now if you're the sort who liked "Cast Away" (and I'm a big fan of that film), then you'll likely enjoy "The Martian" as well........which I...
  14. DisneyJunkie

    Yellow Express Monorail Strands Passengers

    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/monorail-walt-disney-world-stranding-people-article-1.2392843 (Didn't see this posted or mentioned anywhere. Forgive me if it's been discussed.)
  15. DisneyJunkie

    What KIND of attraction do you enjoy best?

    Of the various kinds of attractions in WDW, which do you feel is best? I'm thinking in terms of big thrill rides (EE, Space Mtn, RnRC, ToT), slower non-thrill rides - aka "dark rides" (PoTC, GMR, TTA), interactive rides (Buzz Lightyear, TSMM, SSE), 3D shows (Mickey's Philharmagic, Muppetvision...
  16. DisneyJunkie

    Solo WDW Trips

    For those of you who have ever done a solo trip to WDW......how did you like it? Do you prefer to have someone else along with you, or was it just fine being by yourself and only doing what YOU wanted to do? And what were those things you did on your solo trip that you probably wouldn't have...
  17. DisneyJunkie

    Attraction Pleasant Surprises

    Are there any particular attractions in WDW that you may have purposely skipped in previous visits, and then decided to go ahead and try it, and then were actually pleasantly surprised by it? I'd say Voyage of the Little Mermaid at DHS.
  18. DisneyJunkie

    The Charm of WDW's Lost Attractions

    For all of those old, long-since-gone, former WDW attractions that you personally may have enjoyed.....what was the appeal in them that makes you miss them? World of Motion: I just liked that opening (outside) with the upward curving of the track into the building itself, still letting you...
  19. DisneyJunkie

    WDW From a Distance

    For the Florida locals and frequent nearby guests, I'm curious as to how far outside of WDW you can be and still observe the fireworks shows from the parks?
  20. DisneyJunkie

    What Will You Go Out of Your Way to Do?

    Is there anything in particular you enjoy seeing or doing in WDW that you would go out of your way just to make it part of every WDW vacation? Could be something you enjoy at one resort even if you're staying at another, or something you enjoy doing at one park even if nobody else in your party...
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