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  1. TJJohn12

    Micro Disneyland Dioramas

    So, I've been playing with the idea of starting an Adventureland themed HO scale model railroad (see this thread over at Burnsland). But that has me thinking more and more in HO scale. Plus, with the pandemic, my 3D printer which used to live in my office at work now lives on a table in the...
  2. TJJohn12

    LEGO Disney Railroad Set Coming Soon!

    Available Sept. 1 (Aug. 21 for LEGO VIP members) - Includes Disneyland Train Station, and a few cars from the DLRR - looks to be a model of the C.K. Holliday. http://brickjournal.com/index.php/2019/08/13/celebrate-the-magic-with-the-lego-disney-train-and-station/
  3. TJJohn12

    LEGO Disney Parks MOCs

    All, I realized I'd shared my LEGO MOCs (My Own Creations) over in the Imagineering thread a while back, but just stumbled on the fact we have this corner of the forum for Disney crafting and creations... So I figured I'd share here too. I'm including one shot of each model, but I'll link off...
  4. TJJohn12

    Maroon Cartoon Studios and Roger Rabbit's Toontown - DHS Animation Courtyard Revamp

    With the addition of Toy Story Land and the upcoming SW:GE, Disney Hollywood Studios is going to soon have a serious capacity issue on its hands. This blue sky concept is the type of solution I would like to see implemented which fits both the theming of the front portion of the park, as well as...
  5. TJJohn12

    Mr. Potato Head gone from Once Upon a Toy?

    While listening to a podcast recently, the host mentioned that the mix-a-six style Potato Head station was gone from OUAT. Anyone have any confirmation of this shift?
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