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  1. ZipadeeMickey

    Tri-Circle-D Ranch?

    Are there any CM's out there who work at the TCD Ranch? Did you really have to have all of the qualifications they listed on the application to get the job? What is the job like? Any information would be great, thanks!
  2. ZipadeeMickey

    Parade Performer/Dancer Question

    So I was wondering if anyone had any information on exactly what it takes to become a parade performer. Not a fur costume performer but one of the dancers. And I mean like all types of parade performers from just the generic to the electrical where they are covered in lights and the holiday ones...
  3. ZipadeeMickey

    Disney Magic?

    Okay so this is probably a stupid/childish question but coming from someone who has been deeply inspired by Disney and still loves going and spending entire days at the parks I thought I should toss this question out. This is for any current CM's or CM's who worked in the park (WDW) for several...
  4. ZipadeeMickey

    Wrist Tattoo/Attractions/Tour Guide??

    Hi! I have been wanting to apply to Disney for some time now and am just getting up the courage to consider applying but after looking at some of the different things on this forum have decided that maybe I should wait. I have two wrist tattoos, one is a yin/yang symbol on my left wrist and...
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