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  1. WildcatDen


    Has anybody used the Benefits at Work company "BenePlace" to purchase park tickets? If so, any comments good or bad?
  2. WildcatDen

    Aqua Pointe Systems

    Does anyone know if Disney has installed the Oasis Aqua Pointe VersaFiller Bottle Filling Stations? Kings Island up here in Ohio has them. It is a great way to save money on filling up water bottles and also cuts down on plastic bottle waste.
  3. WildcatDen

    What would we lose???

    Merry Christmas everyone! Quick question. We have the new PIN number WDW has been promoting (max 35% off) and were looking at a trip in late March, early April. The question is, what would we lose if we would book the WDW resort through a third party and the tickets through Beneplace (on-line...
  4. WildcatDen


    Anyone who likes the story of Aladdin and got a kick out of the way Wicked told the story of the Wicked Witch of the West from her perspective should head up to Chicago and catch the Starkids production of Twisted. Really well done and plausible. Jafar is really misunderstood and an all around...
  5. WildcatDen

    Real Entertainment in O-Town

    Anyone interested in a full day of entertainment, head on over to Hard Rock Live April 6. Fame Events is hosting the 2013 Show Choir Championships at the Hard Rock Live. I believe you will see over 10 Show Choirs competing for 3 spots at the Show Choir Finals to be held in Chicago later in...
  6. WildcatDen

    Soaked or Dry

    Quick question - How wet do riders get on the Jurassic Park River Adventure ride? What about Dudley's Rip Saw Falls?
  7. WildcatDen

    Early Check In

    Has anyone done the early check in at the 10 day mark? If so, what is the benefit? We are staying at CBR and I assume we would have to go to the registration building regardless if we check in early or not. Does it speed the process? Can you request and get a particular building? That would...
  8. WildcatDen

    WiFi Availability

    Is WiFi availble inside WDW? Parks? Resorts?
  9. WildcatDen

    Spring Break

    I have heard that the crowds during Spring Break are some of the heaviest all year. Our local school district has changed the way they do Spring Break. It is no longer associated with Easter (another thread for another site). It is now associated with whatever week April 1 falls under. It is...
  10. WildcatDen

    Weight Loss Discussion

    Well, since it looks like the original Dr. Judd thread seems to be in mothballs, here is another chance to share, encourage, and offer tips for those struggling with their weight. I for one have been on a work sponsored Weight Watchers plan since July 15 and have lost 25 pounds to date. Does...
  11. WildcatDen

    Ride the Snake??

    Any other Ohio members get a chance to ride Diamondback yet. We waited to ride on opening day a little over 2 hours. Sweet ride!
  12. WildcatDen

    Sheet Music

    Does anyone know if the sheet music, complete with speaking parts, for the Candlelight Processional is available to purchase? It would be an excellent choice for a Church choir to perform at Christmas. :xmas:
  13. WildcatDen

    Park DVD's

    I was surfing through some Disney on-line shops the other day when I stumbled upon the following DVD set, "Magic Journey's: Walt Disney World Volume 2." Does anyone have this or has seen it? If it is well done, I think it would be a great addition to our picture set from the trip. I belive...
  14. WildcatDen

    Counter Service Credits?

    Here is one I have not seen asked yet . . . . For the counter service, say at a place in the Caribbean Beach Resort, one of the locations has a Full Pizza listed as an menu option. Where does this fall under the CS credit? Is a pizza considered 1 credit? 2 credits? or is th CS credit not...
  15. WildcatDen

    Not so Golden

    From some recent e-mail traffic, I would like to offer this little bit of advice. The Golden Compass is not a family value movie if your values are driven by the little book the Gideons place in every hotel night stand. Google it to find out more.
  16. WildcatDen

    Jungle Cruise at night

    Is the Jungle Cruise a "Day time only" kind of experience or is it good at night? Oue best opportunity may be in the evening and I would hate to miss the best parts if they are only visible during the day. Thanks!! 14 days and counting. . .
  17. WildcatDen

    Another Bus Question

    I know it has been asked before, but I did not see it when I did a search. . . How early do the busses start running and how late do they go to? I think it is an hour before the parks open and up to 2 hours after they close. Not sure though. Any difference on EMH days? I think the MK...
  18. WildcatDen

    Parade Times

    Is there any where to find Parade times at the MK/AK/DHS? I realize that this may be subject to change, but really, aren't the times pretty consistant? Trying to narrow down some park hopping schedules and would like a ball park on when the parades run. Thanks :king:
  19. WildcatDen

    Disney Pins

    Has anyone had any luck buying Official Pins cheap to trade while at WDW? This site looks official but you never know.'
  20. WildcatDen

    New AAA Code

    I was leafing through my September/October Home & Away magazine from AAA and noticed an ad for Disney Vacations. I am contacting my local office that we already booked through to see if it can apply but was curious if anyone here has done the same thing and already has seen results. I think...
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