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  1. Evil Genius

    Honeymoon ADRs

    Well our 180 day window opened this morning so the fiance and I woke up and get to reservin'! Tell me what you folks think! We're staying at AKL just for reference. Sunday September 4th: Lunch: Sanaa Monday September 5th: Breakfast: Kona Cafe Lunch: Spice Road Table Dinner: Le Cellier...
  2. Evil Genius

    Our ADRs...tell us what you think?

    So our 180 day window opened up today so we popped up at 5:00 A.M. and got to reservin'! I think we got some good stuff so tell us what you think! Oct 31st- 7:30 Narcoossee's-Dinner November 1st- 1:30 Chefs de France-Lunch November 2nd- 9:00 Las Ventannas-Breakfast 3:00 Beaches & Cream-for a...
  3. Evil Genius

    Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge

    My GF and our two best friends just got back from a week at WDW last night. Of course it was an amazing trip and we made so many great new memories...but one memory stood out above all others... We discovered The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge and the only thing we kept thinking was...how is...
  4. Evil Genius

    Am I insane?

    Ok I know I may catch serious grief for this...but here it goes... I have ADRs booked for our upcoming trip in 9 days...however the more I think about it, the more I'm thinking of cancelling all of them and just finding places to eat on the fly once we're down there. My reasoning? I just...
  5. Evil Genius

    Hi to Me!

    LONG time lurker that has finally decided to join and post! I've been reading WDWMagic's forums for years but just never joined. Guess that's something I can cross off my bucket list now. :D Oh and my name's Patrick...or PK.
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