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  1. scpergj

    Rachael Ray show segment

    Has anyone reported about the Rachael Ray segment that was taping yesterday at EPCOT? Just returned and didn't see it anywhere on here. I didn't see the taping, but did see the aftermath and may have a picture or two...I'll have to check and see what I did take.
  2. scpergj

    Caribbean Beach pool question

    We're trying to plan a quick get away this weekend, and were wondering if there was any information out there about the pool at Caribbean Beach being ready by this weekend. I know they have other pools, but the main pool just looks like something our kids would love! I know the weather we had...
  3. scpergj

    off site condo questions

    HELP!! Now...that said, here's the short version of the long story. Last year, I posted about my in-laws possibly visiting the week between Christmas and New Years (we really didn't want them to visit at that time for various reasons, including crowds and cost), but they had to change their...
  4. scpergj

    Contemporary construction pics

    Ok...just returned last night from a long weekend at the world (kids had both Friday and Monday off), and I took some pictures from the monorail of the DVC tower that WDW isn't building, and the construction that wasn't happening was interesting. Even saw some interesting progress, including a...
  5. scpergj

    HalloWishes question

    Does anyone know when (or if) the Magic Kingdom will be showing HalloWishes instead of Wishes? Last year when we were there (around the 20th), whey were showing HalloWishes even on the nights they didn't have the party. I haven't seen a regular showing of Wishes since April of 2006 and was...
  6. scpergj

    Talked the in-laws out of Christmas...

    Ok... We talked my wife's dad and stepmother out of visiting Disney the week between Christmas and New Years, and now they are asking about the week of the 1st -- meaning the week following New Years. Now, I know that here in the Jacksonville area, the schools will still be out that week - we...
  7. scpergj

    Interesting dillema

    My wife just received an interesting e-mail from her step-mother... First, let me say that we all get along really good - even have been on a WDW vacation together two years ago that went pretty good, so that isn't where the problem is. Here goes... My wife's dad, step-mother, and brother...
  8. scpergj

    Mid-Late October 2007 question

    We are planning a trip the weekend around the 19th of October, and now are deciding where to stay. We have stayed at POR, POFQ, POP, ASMusic, and the Boardwalk (all in the last two years, now that I think about it). We will be buying AP's (we also have a weekend in December and a week in...
  9. scpergj

    License Plate surround?

    There's another thread I just saw this morning about the vanity license plates with WDW themes on them, and it reminded me of something I'm looking for (and have been for about 5 trips)...a WDW themed license plate surround. My car had a front plate holder ( I removed it...it's a new car and I...
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