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  1. figmentmom

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    Me, too, Ducky - miss you, Tramp.
  2. figmentmom

    Silent Thread

  3. figmentmom

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    Semper Fi, Tramp. RIP. Ever loved, ever missed.
  4. figmentmom

    Silent Thread

  5. figmentmom

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    Yes, Tramp. Semper Fi.
  6. figmentmom

    This is terrible! (Thread orginally posted 9/11/2001)

    I, too, will be in a classroom, but full of 3-and-4-year-olds who were born long after 9/11. On that day, I was teaching a fifth grade music class when our principal knocked on my classroom door, took me aside, and told me the terrible news. I'll never forget it. Nor will I ever forget the...
  7. figmentmom

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    Still miss Tramp. :-(
  8. figmentmom

    Are you from Chambersburg, PA? I have relatives there!

    Are you from Chambersburg, PA? I have relatives there!
  9. figmentmom

    Don't Wanna Jump the Gun , BUT...

    Cool - and generous! Have a great trip!
  10. figmentmom

    What Are You Most Looking Forward To??

    No trip back currently scheduled, but when I DO go back, I want to walk down Main Street, straight toward the castle, and shout, "Honey, I'm home!"
  11. figmentmom

    Words of Wisdom Where Free Likes Abound with No Effort

    Never surrender!
  12. figmentmom

    Huggles and Luvs

    We just had the mildest winter in years, and it was 72 degrees today! (Last year at this time, we still had three feet of snow, with plenty more to follow.) We have two granddaughters now - Katie is three and a half, and Julia is six months old! They live two miles from us, so it's great. My...
  13. figmentmom

    TRAMP - Semper Fi

    Me, too. :(
  14. figmentmom

    Huggles and Luvs

    Thought I'd stroll over for a visit. :D
  15. figmentmom

    Huggles and Luvs

    Warm Minnesota huggles to all! :wave:
  16. figmentmom

    Should Disney make a Phineas & Ferb attraction in HWS?

    CLASSIC edit reason, Regina! Good one! :lol
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