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  1. ThinkTink721

    No WDW Trip This Year

    My family has decided that WDW is out of reach for us this year. We usually visit during free dining, but since we have a family of 5 & Port Orleans Riverside is not included in the promotion this year, we won't be able to make it. We originally opted for the cabins at Ft. Wilderness & even...
  2. ThinkTink721

    If it were you, would you?...

    If it were you, would you stay at a value resort during free dining with only the quick service meal plan to save money instead of staying at a moderate resort with the table service dining plan (like we normally do)?
  3. ThinkTink721

    How Are the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness?

    We are thinking of planning a trip in September 2014. We are trying to get more information about the Cabins at Ft. Wilderness. If you have stayed there, what is your opinion of the resort?
  4. ThinkTink721

    Time at the Water Parks

    We have been to WDW many times, but have never visited the water parks. This year we are planning to visit both of them. Would 4 or 5 hours at each water park be enough time?...We don't have to do every attraction.
  5. ThinkTink721

    Describe Enchanted Tales With Belle

    Can someone describe the Enchanted Tales With Belle attraction in FL?
  6. ThinkTink721

    New Little Mermaid Ride?

    Does the new Little Mermaid ride in FL offer FP?
  7. ThinkTink721

    Entrance Back Into Epcot After ADR at Area Resort?

    My DD & I are eating at Princess Storybook for dinner at 8:15pm one night during our upcoming trip. My DH & 2 DSs are eating at Cape May Cafe' for dinner at 7:50pm. My question is...Epcot closes at 9:00pm...will my husband & sons be able to get back into Epcot in order to meet us to leave the park?
  8. ThinkTink721

    Late TS Dinners or Early TS Dinners?

    Which do you prefer?...Late TS Dinners or Early TS Dinners? We prefer late TS dinners because we like to maximize our time at the parks, eat late, & then head back to our resort.
  9. ThinkTink721

    AK & BB in One Day?

    We are thinking about doing a half day at AK & a half day at BB. Maybe going to AK from 9:00am until around 12:00pm...then heading over to BB for the afternoon (both parks close at 5:00pm on the day we are planning to visit). The only attractions that interest us at AK are EE, Dinosaur, KS, &...
  10. ThinkTink721

    Older Child Ordering From Kids Menu?

    For older children who are on the adult dining plan...if there is nothing on the adult menu that they like, can they choose from the kids section of the menu instead?
  11. ThinkTink721

    Which BOG Dinner Dessert?

    Which Be Our Guest Dinner Dessert is the best?
  12. ThinkTink721

    Would It Be OK To Visit...?

    Would it be OK to visit one of the WDW water parks on Labor Day? We are planning to be there at the opening & stay for about 5 hours.
  13. ThinkTink721

    Question About Waterparks

    We have been to WDW numerous times, but have never visited the waterparks. We are planning to do so on our upcoming September trip. We were thinking that we would take 3 or 4 days out of our 9 day trip to go to Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach, but just for a few hours each day (maybe 3-4...
  14. ThinkTink721

    MyMagic+ Questions

    We will be visiting at the beginning of September 2013. Do you think that the new MyMagic+ system will be in place by then? Can you give me more information on how it works? Thank you!
  15. ThinkTink721

    Make My Schedule!

    OK...I have all of my ADRs made & I am ready to make the schedule for our upcoming September trip (8/31/13 - 9/8/13). We are staying at Port Orleans Riverside for 8 nights. Our favorite parks are the MK & Epcot. We would like to visit DHS & AK at least once. We usually like to take advantage...
  16. ThinkTink721

    Waterparks - How Much Time??

    We are planning to try & visit both waterparks during our upcoming Sept trip. How much time should we allot for each waterpark? Do you have any helpful tips for a visit to the waterparks?
  17. ThinkTink721

    BOG - Turkey Sandwich?

    I was wondering if the turkey sandwich that is offered at Be Our Guest on the lunch menu is good? I heard that they are no longer serving the steak sandwich, so this may be my 2nd option.
  18. ThinkTink721

    BOG - Cupcakes Only?

    Will they allow you to sit & eat at Be Our Guest for lunch if you only order cupcakes for a snack? They look awesome in the pictures I have seen.
  19. ThinkTink721

    Princess Storybook Photo Package

    My daughter & I have been to Princess Storybook several times. We have always gone in a 2-person group & we have always received the complimentary photo package. I recently read on the menu listing that in order to receive a photo package you must have a group of 4. Did I read it correctly or...
  20. ThinkTink721

    Cape May Cafe - Fried Shrimp

    What days of the week does Cape May Cafe serve fried shrimp?
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