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  1. Vipraa

    Wonder coming home

    Real question is whats going on with the last few of the San Diego Mexican Riviera cruises and the November Canal Sailing that are not currently canceled. Seems odd to send it through the canal which isn't cheap just to send it back for a few sailings. It's about to enter the last Agua Clara...
  2. Vipraa

    WDW Photo of the Day Thread (Part 10)

    Excellent. The blending of screens and sets is by far the best we have seen. Its hard to tell in some place because the have 3d effect screens where the screens and sets are layered on top of each other so you'll have a translucent screen on top of a set on top of another screen. The Navi shaman...
  3. Vipraa

    Pandora Spoiler Thread

    Having talked with one the Imagineers the Navi River journey ways aimed at a 5 min ride. I have ridden it 4 times so far and it is very impressive with the blending of screens and sets. The first Navi you see is a screen figure with a Projected Navi on it and there are other translucent screens...
  4. Vipraa

    News Wishes to be replaced with new 'Happily Ever After' nighttime spectacular

    There was a small brushfire next to MK's launch site around 11:30 so that probably contributed to the delay quite a bit.
  5. Vipraa

    Wannabe Photographer

    Here some examples of shots taken with my A6000 in both daylight and low light. Most shots are with the 55-210 telephoto but I also use the 16-50 kit and 50/1.8 prime. 100% recommend this camera to anyone especially for the price.
  6. Vipraa

    Walt Disney World Character Changes Rant!

    Hyperspace Hoopla also happened during Star Wars Weekends but good luck seeing that again. Lucasfilm really cracked down on their character integrity after Disney purchased them.
  7. Vipraa

    Walt Disney World Character Changes Rant!

    That's a decree from Lucasfilm not Disney. Lucasfilm doesn't want any Star Wars characters to sign.
  8. Vipraa

    A Twist In Time : The Discussion Thread

    You can leave out the gold castle. But ya most of that was me :p
  9. Vipraa

    "Starbright Holidays" Drone show coming to Disney Springs

    3 shows per night, one per hour between 7 and 10pm. Somewhere between 15-30 minutes per show. Currently planned to debut on Wednesday but could always change.
  10. Vipraa

    "Starbright Holidays" Drone show coming to Disney Springs

    A bunch Disney Springs and other areas management is not 100% on board with this show as well. Its already proving to be a logistical nightmare before it even starts as there will be limited good viewing areas around the Springs and the entire lake will be shut down for most of the night to...
  11. Vipraa

    The Lillie Belle is home

    She will not be ready by October 1st. From what Im hearing she is still having break in issues like keeping the boiler fire lit and has no decals or pin striping. November is current projection but could be still be further delayed. Walter will also be the next train to go out for refurb. He...
  12. Vipraa

    New Articulated Heads: Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire

    If the head glitches then it just shuts down and the performer goes on performing without a moving mouth until the head can restart reacquire a signal.
  13. Vipraa

    The Lillie Belle is home

    From what I have heard she is returning to full service once they put her back together and another train will be sent off to get some of her upgrades soon. Also have been told that WDWRR will be running a 3 train operation during the day with Lilly not pulling any rolling stock until her break...
  14. Vipraa

    New Articulated Heads: Mickeys Royal Friendship Faire

    Its all pre- programed movements that are controlled by radio frequency. Dream Along was the last holdout with the old puppet articulated heads. Pretty much all the the newish shows (last 4 years or so) have the RF controlled heads.
  15. Vipraa

    Which Princesses will return to Princess Fairytale Hall?

    That was the original plan for PFTH but Fastpass+ made that impossible due to the fact that people pre-book the meeting with specific characters. If they have a visiting princess other then the advertised ones then Fastpass is giving to the priority to the room with the advertised ones and...
  16. Vipraa

    *New* Texas Disney Resort

    @suanthai I slowly working on it still just have been extremely busy with work. If you want to see more right now check out @RandySavage blog where he has made a map Here @Twilight_Roxas The park is definitely made to draw from the best of the old parks and the new ones like Shanghai.
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