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    Magic Kingdom Possible Future Path Expansions

    I got caught up thinking and made a quick sketch about what the MK paths may look like in another 50 or 100 years. Just for fun, but wanted to share...
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    Is There a Live Stream of the Disney World Christmas Day Parade?

    Im currently moving, and don't have access to a regular TV, I just have a computer w internet access and no cable subscriptions. Is there a way to live stream the parade today? Thanks in advance.....
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    Looking for PHOTOS of Frontierland from before Tom Sawyer Island...

    I was reading on the 1971 Frontierland and how Tom Sawyer Island actually came a few years after the park's opening, and contained elements of the Western River Expedition design... pretty interesting stuff! Anyways... I was looking for photos of the island before it was built and couldn't find...
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    With all the closures and construction, is worth FASTPASS At Disney studios for end of AUG?

    I have fastpasses later in the day on a day that EPCOT has EMH. The plan is to water taxi to DSH early afternoon for a blitz of fastpasses (TOT, RnRC, ST) but I'm wondering if I should use them at EPCOT instead? What would you do? Any advice helps, thanks in advance...
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    Haunted Mansions: WDW vs DL

    I was wondering if anyone knew of the differences in the portrait galleries between DL and WDW.. Im writing as part of a video series about the Magic Kingdom in FL and can't find any photos that differentiate between the two...For example: Is this DL or WDW (I didn't think the Magic Kingdom in...
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    New Video Series on Magic Kingdom

    Hello all, I am an amateur producer and aspiring documentary film maker and I've started a series on my favorite place on earth: The Walt Disney World Resort! I intend to slowly make these over the next several years but so far I have 7 "episodes" completed and I thought I would share with my...
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    Not Bad For A 1- Day Trip!

    From August 2016: Arrive at Hotel: Dinner at: Straight for.. ..then breakfast at: Dinner at: They lowered the crane at the castle! Gotta see the: Then the: from the:
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    I was just wondering and kinda hoping that Disney might make a monorail infrastructure investment a part of their reinvestment into EPCOT that is HOPEFULLY coming after DHS and AK become full size parks. So I got to thinking, and this is FAN-ART, part rumor part sensical predictions (?), but...
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