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  1. Disney621

    First look at AbracadaBar

    Ate there last week, had to use the restrooms in ESPN.
  2. Disney621

    Feedback on dining selections

    That looks like an awesome line up! Have a great trip!
  3. Disney621

    ADRs now only 150 days out

    Made a reservation today 180 days out.
  4. Disney621

    different ideas for lunch or snacks

    Wolfgang Puck Express in Disney Springs is one of our favorites.
  5. Disney621

    WDW Permits 2015

    Any chance Pop would become the first value resort with DVC?
  6. Disney621

    David's Vacation Rentals

    Used it once two years ago and had no problems. Straight forward, easy to use and would use it it again.
  7. Disney621

    Disney's All Star Music Resort Intermission Food Court closing for major refurbishment this summer

    I love the Disney details! The notes on the staff in the picture of The Market are the pitches for M-I-C, K-E-Y, M-O-U-S-E.
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