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    Spirited News, Observations & Thoughts IV

    Formerly known as Deevy See http://www.deevypacksherbags.com/
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    Spirited News & Observations II -- NGE/Baxter

    I find it interesting that Lou is not there. Prior commitments or something else?
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    Spirited News & Observations II -- NGE/Baxter

    I don't know if I can post a link to this or not. There is a thread on the Dis where someone is having a privacy issue with My Disney Experience. The OP logged into her account and tried to add her reservation, but now she is is seeing someone's personal information. The OP says she can see...
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    Spirited News and Observations and Opinions ...

    I'm guessing your thread was moved to the correct forum by the moderators. No one bullied anyone about your thread. In fact, there are still people posting in it, if you haven't looked. http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/best-place-to-eat-in-a-resort-or-downtown-disney.859150/ I'm just not...
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    Spirited News and Observations and Opinions ...

    I'm confused. I see where SirLink said "Shouldn't this be in General Discussion ...", while you are complaining about a different user, WDW1974, attacking you. I don't get it???
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    Rumor-Spectro probably isn't coming back

    Just another example of how nickel and diming preventative maintenance ends up costing more in the long run. Way to go!
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    The little ones that are currently into Disney Princesses and Cars will become Potter fans as they outgrow them and learn to how to read. Unless people stop having children there will always be new Potter fans just like Disney Princess fans.
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    No More DisRadio?!? :(

    Magical Mouse Radio has a lot of music from WDW, including background loops and attraction ride throughs. www.magicalmouseradio.com
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