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  1. Rebel_

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    Don't worry. You can ride Living with the Land more than once.
  2. Rebel_

    Rumor Version of MaxPass coming to WDW in May?

    I’ve been dangling at the edge of Disneydom since those dumb FPP rolled on to the scene. Once they found most wont bail over rationing the rides they’ve found out we are dumb enough to PAY for our rations. They are a smart bunch. But I aim to play smarter. There are a lot of other destinations...
  3. Rebel_

    With Disneyland Paris announcing the closure date and re-theme of Rock N Roller Coaster, is WDW next?

    I think it would make all the sense in the world to expand the Pixar presence in DHS. There are any number of tie-ins that would work.
  4. Rebel_

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    Hmmm. Rental condos plus a POP are still cheaper than a multi-room deluxe. And mom and dad don’t have to share bathrooms and bedrooms with kiddies. Watch the name calling. And then this is another reason to do it that way.
  5. Rebel_

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    Agreed... they still save way more money in cutting staff than they could charging for daily FP/MaxPass usage.
  6. Rebel_

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    So if you have 8 day tix assigned to MDX and a POP for the first two nights then move off prop you can only do your FPP for days 1-3 at 60 days before day one, and NOT then do days 4-8 for 60 days before each one of those?
  7. Rebel_

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    Amen Gimme MaxPass any day. I’ll wear your plastic band. I’ll pay to use it. But FPP and MDE is a mess.
  8. Rebel_

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    Maybe it’s the cold weather that has me slow, but how does this stop somebody from booking a room for a day or two and enjoying rolling 60 day fast past windows For the length of their trip?
  9. Rebel_

    News FPs cancelled when Hotel room cancelled

    You could still pay for a room you aren’t using. Just don’t cancel it. Just pay for a few days.
  10. Rebel_

    Star Wars Land Opening Dates

    It's all clear as mud at this point, but with my hopeful Dec 4th - 14th trip I'd be very happy with this myself. As much as I like Star Wars I do not want to be part of that crowd and DHS was our favorite park on our last trip BEFORE TSL and SWGE! Skipping it is not an option.
  11. Rebel_

    Where Are the Characters?

    In June they roamed in full force at DLR. It was awesome. I get why they don't do it at WDW, but it really was splendid to have so many chance encounters. Now - we did meet fewer than a typical WDW trip, but between roaming characters and Marvel it was hands down a better experience for my...
  12. Rebel_

    Then vs. Now: Your observations

    Then: Non-expiry tix that worked out to like $30 a day. Now: I don't even know the current pricing... Then: FP "runners" Now: Ride rationing
  13. Rebel_

    You guys mind if an out of towner judges your city a little?

    This is what I was thinking. Have you seen International Drive? Maybe not so much the homelessness, but the scuzzy.
  14. Rebel_

    Figaro stuff in the parks?

    Where is this at DLR? I’ll be there in 28 days?
  15. Rebel_

    Figaro stuff in the parks?

    Eat at Pinnochio’s. Fig is a family favorite of ours and we love eating under his pictures. ❤
  16. Rebel_

    Disney World Cancels Popular Christian Concert

    I’m sorry to see NOJ gone.
  17. Rebel_

    So why weren't there many strollers back in the day?

    I have zero intention of taking any breaks in the parks. Time is money and I’m not touring at the smallest person’s pace. If I leave the park without having experienced something it won’t be because we couldn’t book it over there fast enough. (Test Track, I’m looking at you.)
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