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  1. K

    Pandora Grand Opening Celebration

    Anyone know if they are doing anything the 27th, since that technically is the opening day?
  2. K

    Avatar opening ceremony May 27

    Wait, I'm staying onsite the night of the 27th. I was planning on getting there at 6am. Would they still allow me to enter?
  3. K

    Pandora Opening Day Planning

    What time do you think one should get there to be towards the front of the line? How do you think crowds will be? Do you think James Cameron will be there in attendance? Will they close off that section of the park to restrict guest flow, like of they did with Diagon?
  4. K

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    ....Harambe and the India are based off of real places. We are visiting pandora, which is a fictional moon. It makes sense to not have them. Disney can theoretically be found in Africa and India, but it shouldn't be found in Pandora. It makes no difference to me but I understand why they...
  5. K

    Pandora FP+

    It still doesn't make sense to me. Avatar land doesn't open til the 27th of May. Fast pass+ shouldn't even be available for anyone until it gets to the 60 day window, which is tomorrow (technically today) the 28th of March. If someone is staying from May 24th to the 27th, they shouldn't have...
  6. K

    Pandora FP+

    How isn't there none available if tomorrow opens the 60 day window. I reserved two days at a Disney resort just to get a hold of those fast passes, May 27 and the 28th. I wanted to wake up at 7am on 3/ 28, to reserve them. There better be some available if not I'm canceling my days.
  7. K

    Pandora Soft Opening Watch

    The March 25th day is incorrect. The 60 day mark starts on March 27th
  8. K

    Pandora Soft Opening Watch

    Exactly. I'm able to get them 60 days out but even then that seems unlikely. How? If May 27th is still 65 days away.
  9. K

    Pandora Soft Opening Watch

    That sucks. I'd be arriving May 27th. There probably wont be an fastpasses 5 days from now.
  10. K

    Pandora Soft Opening Watch

    When do fastpass+ reservations open? Blog Mickey is saying tomorrow but that's not even 60 days out?
  11. K

    AVATAR land - the specifics

    What are the chances of being able to get a fastpass 30 days in advance (I'm a passholder)? Also, when is the first day resort guests can get them?
  12. K

    Wilderness Lodge DVC additions - Copper Creek Villas & Cabins

    If people are willing to spend there money, they should keep building. I love capitalism and so did Walt. If it wasn't for capitalism, there would be no Disney.
  13. K

    Ticket Price Increase starts this Sunday!

    I wanted to buy an annual pass. I probably won't end up using it til about March. Does the annual pass start on your first use or on the date of purchase?
  14. K

    AVATAR land construction progress

    When it rains at night you'll see the projections on the rain, same when there's fog....
  15. K

    AVATAR land construction progress

    Wasn't the restaurant supposed to be a military dining hall?
  16. K

    AVATAR land construction progress

    I would like to see pictures not zoomed in.
  17. K

    New 'Sense of Africa' tour coming to Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge

    You can literally go to real Africa for the price of a one week Disney vacation doing all those tours and the parks. Even if I was a millionaire I wouldn't go one a tour like that. This is crazy.
  18. K

    Seven Dwarf mine train needs some help.

    The whole WDW resort needs some help. So many people here focused on what is wrong with WDW resort when universal is making history with Diagon Alley.
  19. K

    SOFT OPENING WATCH - Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Coaster

    People like you are the reason why Disney is lagging behind Universal right now in terms of expansions and innovation. Stop trying to justify their poor choices. They did wrong by saying spring, even the chairmen of Walt Disney parks and resorts kind of acknowledged it. People planned around the...
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