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  1. Pabgo

    What movie was huge when you last went to Disney?

    The Dark Knight. Haha. I was there a couple of days ago :p
  2. Pabgo

    Toy Story Mania New Opening Date!

    Any chance there will be any soft openings around April 1st-5th? I can only hope. That's when I'll be there.
  3. Pabgo

    Any news on if they are gonna replace the missing seagull outside of Nemo Seas?

    Are they still broken? The last couple trips I've made to Epcot, they were standing still looking kind of rusty with the audio track still playing.
  4. Pabgo

    TSM Ride Car Testing!

    Don't throw momma from the train! Oh, and I can't access the pics either.
  5. Pabgo

    I got evacuated in SSE 180top!!!

    Wow. SSE looks kind of junky...
  6. Pabgo


    It's looking pretty good. But I'm not sure if I like the whole going down part having you completely directed to the video screens.
  7. Pabgo

    Backstage Tour

    Actually, they are doing something with Sounds Dangerous. It's closed and we don't know what they're going to do.
  8. Pabgo

    Video on in SSE

    That's pretty good news.
  9. Pabgo

    Tslrock's October 20th Update: Mgm-Halloween at MK!

    Whoa! That's big! Thanks for the pics! TSM looks likes it's coming along very nicely!
  10. Pabgo

    Don't You Miss...

    I remember Talespin. I used to watch that all the time! I think I still have some old tapes lying around that have Talespin on them from when we used to us VCR's. LOL
  11. Pabgo

    Tower of terror

    Wow. That sounds kinda scary. LOL
  12. Pabgo

    By-request Merfupdate (until 1pm)

    Maybe just wander by the Haunted Mansion to see if there's anything new.
  13. Pabgo

    Astro Orbitor closed for Rehab

    I haven't heard about that yet! Thanks!
  14. Pabgo

    HM Awnings, EPCOT Center Hats and C-DVC Oh My! - 8/25

    Looks like everything is coming along nicely!
  15. Pabgo

    MerfCot and the Merftempory Resort 8/21

    Great pics Merf, and Figment82! SSE is looking better everyday!
  16. Pabgo

    Welcome to Target Disney World....

    Ehhh. Those price scanners are kind of tacky!
  17. Pabgo

    Walt Disney World Resort TV

    I haven't heard anything about them changing it anytime soon. For some reason, I always seem to watch it even though Stacy is extremely hyper!
  18. Pabgo

    8/16 Wand Update

    Wow! It's almost gone! I hope they get rid of those stars sometime soon!
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