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  1. Dubman

    May opens up for Park Passes!

    For regular ticket holder and resort reservation people, the month of May from May 4th on is wide open as of 5:00am. Is Disney following Orange County guidance from yesterday and reducing social distancing markers to 3’? Annual pass holders still blocked out on a lot of dates though...
  2. Dubman

    Finger Print Readers Suspended??

    I'm reading in a few different social media areas that Disney is no longer requiring fingerprints at the entry points. Just tap and go.. Anyone know if this is a new policy that started today due to COVID-19? As far as I know they only do this at peak crowd levels...
  3. Dubman

    Kong Malfunction

    We were close to getting on ride and it malfunctioned this morning. Was told one of the gates on the ride vehicle closed on its own in loading area. Nobody hurt.. Was told that has never happened..
  4. Dubman

    Locusts at the Land

    Apparently a locust infestation caused closure of living with the land this am..
  5. Dubman

    Studios Packed Today!

    Can't remember the last time I saw a 100 minute wait on the tower! We usually go at the slower times, guess that's a thing of the past..
  6. Dubman

    Adding People to ADR

    We have an ADR for Raglan Road for Saturday evening.. It was originally made for our party of 3. Now my wife's friend and her son who live locally are going to meet us there for dinner. Now there isn't any availability for our time if we add them.. Think they will let us add the 2 when we get...
  7. Dubman

    Trip Report November 2016, If I Could Turn Back Time to October 2005 Food & Wine Trip Report.

    So I was just looking though some pictures of ours from Food & Wine Festivals' of the past and came across the year I took pictures at all the kiosk's. It was October 2005... I know it was 11 years ago, but it was so much cheaper back then! And the crowds? So much easier to handle! I believe...
  8. Dubman

    Magical Express 12/11/15 evening issues

    Currently no buses or any other transportation vehicles are being let into terminal B ground transportation areas.. Is this a common occurrence? They are not letting any buses leave until at capacity. Said we could be sitting here a while.. Ugh.. All I can see are some flashing lights at the...
  9. Dubman

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party Live Stream 12/6/15 at 8:25pm

    Saw this on the Disney Blog.. Sorry if it's already been posted, but I did a search and didn't see it.. http://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2015/12/mickeys-very-merry-live-christmas-party-live-stream-set-for-december-6-at-815-p-m-est/ Visit above link at 8:00pm.. A link will be posted to...
  10. Dubman

    New Epcot Pandora Charm Available Online at Disneystore.com

    This is brand new today, and was supposedly going to be a park exclusive.. Right now it is available online.. My wife just ordered one. Not sure how long it will last. She said there are a few other ones like the castle charm available too.. Free shipping over 75.00. Just wanted to give heads up...
  11. Dubman

    Trip Report The Short but Sweet March 2015 Surprise Trip.. Mixing Business with Pleasure!

    Go easy on me.. lol. I'm somewhat of a newbie to trip reports! This trip I was supposed to be travelling alone on business to Disney World with out the family. My wife and I decided to add a couple days to my trip and fly her and my son down as a surprise, so the trip ended up being 3/3 - 3/8...
  12. Dubman

    Early March Trip Questions

    Going for work/pleasure the first week of March.. Looking at the crowd calendar it looks to be a fairly busy time which being from Upstate NY surprised me because its the month between school breaks here.. Spending Wednesday-Friday AM in meetings and DW & DS flying down to meet me for Thursday...
  13. Dubman

    Trip Report Our November '13 End of Food & Wine, Beginning of Christmas Time Trip Report.. 11/9 - 11/17

    This is my first trip report. :) I am starting with a some issues we had with magic bands etc... Day 1 We arrived at Pop 11/9 on a room only reservation at about 11:00am .. Our room was ready so we brought our carry-ons to the room and headed to Downtown Disney to eat at T-Rex. It was...
  14. Dubman

    Test Track Chevrolet Employee Lounge??

    I have searched and not found anything definative.. There used to be a GM employee lounge inside of Test Track which you accessed from a door next to the Fast Pass return que.. Anyone know if that is open?? I have worked for Chevrolet for over 25 years and it was always a nice perk while there...
  15. Dubman

    Coronado Springs to Wilderness Lodge Upgrade???

    Friends of ours just let us know they got upgraded from Coronado Springs to Wilderness Lodge earlier this week! Apparently Coronado was overbooked??? Seems like an odd time for that to happen.. Is it really that busy down there this week?? Stuff like that never happens to us!
  16. Dubman

    Free Dining Plan Wanted But Arriving 2 Days Early

    Free Dining was just announced for the Fall.. Have trip planned for 11/9-11/17.. Of course free dining has a blackout until 11/11. Went ahead and made a reservation for 11/11 - 11/17 with 9 day park hopper. Also made reservation for 11/9 - 11/11 for same hotel, hotel only, no tickets. Here is...
  17. Dubman

    Server down? Anyone???

    Been trying to make dining reservations for the last hour or so.. Keeps saying server down. Is this a common occurrence? Very frustrating! Just booked Nov 9 - 17 :)
  18. Dubman

    Disneys Art of Animation Transportation Question..

    Will AoA have its own bus service or share service with Pop Century because of their close proximity? Seems kind of like the same idea as the All Star Resorts sharing service.. We just booked Oct 6 - Oct 14 at the AoA resort in a Little Mermaid standard room. :sohappy: If they do share...
  19. Dubman

    Frosty Gets Caught!!!

    Had to share this one!!! Merry Christmas!!!
  20. Dubman

    Food & Wine Seminar/Tasting Schedule

    Food & Wine Seminar/Tasting Schedule??? Does anyone have a link to the schedule for this years F & W Fest?? Sorry if this has been covered.. Did a search and came up empty.. :wave:
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