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  1. Don L Duck

    New family suites at value resorts

    Thanks:wave: for the info I was at POP this past Friday,and one of the buildings that you can see if you walk to the end of the bridge by the lake,looks as if the roof is sinking in the middle.:(
  2. Don L Duck

    Expedition Everest: Preview reports and reviews

    Single rider way to go ...get on fast and often just rode this on Thursday Feb 23rd...4 times excellent:sohappy:
  3. Don L Duck

    New family suites at value resorts

    Does any one know why they stopped work on the legends part of pop century, and when will they resume work?:brick:
  4. Don L Duck

    Resort that you would like to live at.

    I know this isn't on the list but from the first time I was there I always wanted to live in one of those house's on Main Street USA. If I had to choose a resort I would split between Old Key West and the Grand Floridian I really love that old stuff. :D
  5. Don L Duck

    main street usa mayor

    Not only did I meet the Mayor and take lots of picture's with him and other Disney character's my family and I got to open the park back in October 2003. I have to say it was the greatest single Disney experience of my life,we got to meet a lot of the characters, hang out in the park before it...
  6. Don L Duck

    Disney smells

    No I don't think that's it. It was a website where you could pick different thing's to listen to, not just theme park music but, all kind's of music and you could keep a list of your top ten favorite site's.
  7. Don L Duck

    Disney smells

    Sorry if this is a little off topic but, can anyone give me some info on the website for disney theme park music? I had it once but lost it. Thank's in advance for any help!
  8. Don L Duck

    The Worst Movie of All Time!

    It's very hard to pick just one bad movie and just as hard to pick one great movie. In my opinion most movies made by any of the Saturday Night Live cast past or present are usually pretty bad there are some exceptions of course but for the most part they try to kill a good character by doing...
  9. Don L Duck

    New Resort Commercial

    I am confused where in the commercial does it state that the particular room in question even exists? :veryconfu
  10. Don L Duck

    New WDW Park Announced!

    Do you have the links that post the article? Or is this an early April Fools joke?
  11. Don L Duck

    Tv Shows with WDW

  12. Don L Duck

    What Ride Is This Line From

    AH what do they know their just tourists...............:lol:
  13. Don L Duck

    Rate the persons sig above you

    They should to you. you have been around long enough to remember them. C'MON now think real hard:wave:
  14. Don L Duck

    What Ride Is This Line From

    Is it Muppet vision?
  15. Don L Duck

    Rate avatar above you

    ^^^ gets a 10 for location
  16. Don L Duck

    The guy (or gal) above me!

    Dammit missed again go one up.
  17. Don L Duck

    The guy (or gal) above me!

    ^ Want's to move to PG13 County
  18. Don L Duck

    Rate the persons sig above you

    JUZ KEEPIN IT REAL HA BRO................:cool: Dig the milf sig
  19. Don L Duck

    Rate avatar above you

    YO YO dont be dissing ma man Tenchu Are you sure your not a guy who is over compensating for his shortcomings? LOL:lol:
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