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    Visiting a park as a group, splitting, and getting back together

    Bit of a random one this, and I struggled to think of a better title than I did, but does anyone have any advice on visiting as a group containing people that may not all want to go to the same places within a park? For example, I’m trying to get a family trip organised for a year or two and...
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    Present advice

    hi, It is my niece's 21st birthday in a few weeks and I'm looking for something to buy her. She has not yet been to Disney, but wants to go in a few years once she has saved up. She is Uk based. I'd like the present to be something that'll help her look forward to going one day. I will need...
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    Unchartered 4

    Anyone else planning to get this? Had good reviews so far and looks stunning
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    Is it possible to view only new posts?

    Is it possible to view only new posts to the forum, or part of the forum, when you log in? Thanks in advance.
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    FAO UK people - how much would you budget for a trip to Disney/Universal?

    Hi, Myself and my wife are planning to start saving towards going to Florida. It's just the two of us. We'd ideally like to stay at a Universal Hotel for 3/4 nights and Disney for the remainder of a14d break. We did this for our Honeymoon five years ago, with 4 nights at the Royal Pacific...
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