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  1. WDWYankee15

    MNSSHP - DVC Discount

    Any word on what nights the DVC discount will be available for MNSSHP? Are there nights they typically offer it so I can get an idea to vacation plan?
  2. WDWYankee15

    Characters - Disney Fantasy

    Does anyone know what characters are currently appearing on the Disney Fantasy? We are going the end of the month. Thank you
  3. WDWYankee15

    Photo Packages

    Does anyone have the current prices for photo packages on board a 7 night cruise? Is there a discount for preordering?
  4. WDWYankee15

    Current Bounce Back Offer

    Can someone report what the current bounce back offer is? Perhaps it would be great if this tread (maybe even pinned to the top of the "Resorts" Forum) could be used to post the current offer as each new offer comes out.
  5. WDWYankee15

    Beach Club Resort - 20 Month Refurb

    Orlando Theme Park News posted the following this morning: One of the most luxurious Walt Disney World Resort hotels will soon receive a major facelift that should last almost two years. In fact, Cast Members working at various locations around Disney's Beach Club Resort have recently been...
  6. WDWYankee15

    Pre-trip PhotoPass+ converted to MyMemoryMayer???

    I bought a pre-trip PhotoPass+ last year with knowledge that the family would be going back to Disney this year. I know have the desire to use the new MyMemoryMaker because I was told that using the old PhotoPass+ you will still need to wait in line to claim on ride photos. We wasted a lot of...
  7. WDWYankee15

    When are the 4th, 5th, etc FassPass+ Bookings Going to be Available via MDE?

    I assume it is only temporary that you cannot book additional FastPasses on your mobile device when you use you original 3 in a day. I may be wrong but I figured they are working on programming and logistics to make it work. Like when the initially rolled out FP+ to offsite guests, these...
  8. WDWYankee15

    Rare Fairy Visits?

    Supposedly Silvermist is visiting with Tinker Bell in her nook at the Magic Kingdom today. Also I heard Fawn visited that past week on Friday. I have not heard of them visiting for years as they were"retired" with the exception of the Limited TimeMagic event last year. Are these recent...
  9. WDWYankee15

    Town Square Theater

    Now that Princess Fairytale Hall is officially open and the princesses have departed the Town Square Theater (TST), I thought it would be appropriate to start a thread to discuss the future of TST. I know I have read different rumors over the months, most recently that the Fairies (Tinker Bell...
  10. WDWYankee15

    Doc McStuffins Debuts at D23

    From StichKingdom: "Broken toys had nothing to fear this past weekend at Disney D23 Expo in Anaheim, California as Doc McStuffins made her debut to meet and greet with fans — and cuddles were definitely prescribed. We were fortunate to catch up with Doc between appointments where she proudly...
  11. WDWYankee15

    Interactive (Talking) Mickey at Town Square Theater

    Was supposedly take on Sunday, August 4, 2013
  12. WDWYankee15

    MyMagic+ August Testing

    I know there is a thread here http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/mymagic-upcoming-test-s.869115/ on the "upcoming test(s)", but now that August is here I thought it would be appropriate to start a new thread to discuss experiences and feedback from those who have participated. I would also...
  13. WDWYankee15

    Pop Century late August - Which Building???

    My family (wife and two kids daughter 7, son 4) are staying at Pop Century (for the first time) in late August. We are looking for suggestions on which building we should request to be in. The kids aren't so young anymore, so being super close to the bus or food court isn't a huge deal, but...
  14. WDWYankee15

    Has anyone attended a recent Disney Junior Dance Party

    I just learned about the Disney Junior Dance Party that supposedly takes place during Extra Magic Evening Hours at Hollywood Studios. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/entertainment/hollywood-studios/disney-junior-dance-party/ Has anyone been to this lately? It is still on the Disney...
  15. WDWYankee15

    Disney Jr Play n' Dine at Hollywood & VIne Changes Coming???

    With them removing Handy Manny and the Little Einsteins from the Disney Junior Live on Stage at HS, my question is are they going to remove June (From the Little Einsteins) and Handy Manny from the character dining at Disney Jr Play n' Dine at Hollywood and Vine? Perhaps replacing them with...
  16. WDWYankee15

    Princess Fairytale Hall

    Was there any discussion of Princess Fairytale Hall today during the What's Next... stike that... Around the World Presentation? or perhaps during any of the New Fantasyland media events? How about an opening date target or any new concept art?
  17. WDWYankee15

    Orlando Theme Park News is Reporting Part of Tangled Area Now Open

  18. WDWYankee15

    New Fantasyland Photo Report Up at Orlando Theme Park News Blog

  19. WDWYankee15

    New Fantasyland Photo Update on Orlando Theme Park News Blog (9-25)

    A new Fantasyland photo update has been posted on the Orlando Theme Park News Blog (9-25) http://orlandoparksnews.blogspot.com/2012/09/fantasyland-update-coaster-track-more.html Lots of nice detail photos
  20. WDWYankee15

    Big Fantasyland Photo Report/Update on Orlando Theme Park News

    The blog Orlando Theme Park News just posted a large photo report/update on the Fantasyland Expansion. http://orlandoparksnews.blogspot.com/2012/09/fantasyland-news-rapunzels-village-more_11.html
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