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  1. Mickeyboof

    Peak Summer = Walls!?

    I’m actually livid that during the peak of summer, with ticket prices as they are, that Disneyland is wall city again. WHY was this work not done during the park closure? Cars Land, the Lagoon and now this monstrosity in New Orleans Square has me rethinking my five day park hopper next week. A...
  2. Mickeyboof

    Monorail Return ?

    Anyone have a friend of a friend with insider rumblings of when the monorail will return? Surprised we haven't even seen a test run!
  3. Mickeyboof

    Last Minute Hotel Reservation

    Can I walk up to a Walt Disney World hotel and book a room for the night, or is everything via phone and website? The website seems locked out of book any reservations (even though this morning most resorts had reasonable prices, they’re all greyed out now). The phone is certainly not an...
  4. Mickeyboof

    7 Day Trip Thoughts & Questions

    Hello friends- just wanted to spew my thoughts and questions after a recent trip to the Disneyland Resort! PART ONE I've spent the last year visiting Walt Disney World so very often (as its pennies to visit compared to a long flight to California from NYC), but on my last visit to WDW the...
  5. Mickeyboof

    Annual Pass Dec 12 Party

    I’m having trouble understanding what this event actually is. Does anyone have any additional information? Are there performances from various seasonal events? I’m confused here.
  6. Mickeyboof

    New Disneyland President

    Josh is moving to Walt Disney World. Rebecca Campbell of Disney Europe operations is our new Disneyland Resort President. That was quick.
  7. Mickeyboof

    Plaza de la Familia confusion

    I’m sorry, but what exactly are they advertising here? It’s a restaurant courtyard with coco decorations, no?
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