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  1. dmleblanc1971

    Disney in May?

    I'll be attending WDW in the month of May for the first time. Just looking to start a thread for people to share their experiences of going at this time of year, right before the hustle and bustle of summer but also after spring break and such. Seems like crowds will be "lower" on a normal year...
  2. dmleblanc1971

    Pirates Of The Carribean

    No mist with Davey Jones's face?? Is this permanent or a quick fix? I really liked the effect although you could never hear what he said
  3. dmleblanc1971

    Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

    So guys.... I will be in the parks on November 23-30 and this will be my first time in the parks for any other time than summer time. My question is this, Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party starts at 7 pm and ends at midnight starting nov 8 according to disneyworld.disney.go.com so if I DON'T...
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