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  1. ppete1975

    Rose parade

    Disney used to be a staple, but again this year will be absent. Is this just the result of budget cuts again? Or is there nothing new to promote, so they are just sitting it out? I know it has been more of a disneyland thing.. but wouldnt you think disneyworlds 50th would have prompted one.
  2. ppete1975

    Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular reopening?

    I havent heard anything about it reopening. Do we know if it will? Its still on disneys website. It always looked cool on the youtube footage ive seen.
  3. ppete1975

    Halloween Costumes

    I know some of you are probably super talented, maybe cosplayers. Anyone working on a halloween costume that is Disney related? I thought it might be cool to get the halloween talking started, and show off your hard work. If this needs to be moved I apologize.
  4. ppete1975

    Is remy replacing Figment?

    Looking over the festival merchandise for wine and dine, and the soon to be RAT ride opening soon, I am starting to get worried. Heck beauty and the beast has more merch than figment. Hear me out. They have a character with a brand new ride that they are trying to push. Remy is honestly...
  5. ppete1975

    What villain is pure evil?

    After loving cruella (a villain that prior to the movie would have in my mind been pure evil), i wondered what villain cant be saved. So far i have the mother in tangled and all the muppet villains.
  6. ppete1975

    What if.... Gm is on its way out.....

    No inside info, just at thought. What if Gm (who we think contract ends next year) is leaving. They signed their last agreement 2012 for 10 years. Could that explain siemens and space ship earth. Maybe we are getting another official car company for Disney. Gm doesnt just support test track they...
  7. ppete1975

    Could Jungle cruise be a harbinger for minor refurbs going forward?

    I think the way they are handling jungle cruise (regardless of opinions on the changes), is brilliant. Instead of closing the ride keep the ride going as you change small bits. Of course jungle cruise has a live skipper so they can change the script on the fly and there is enough going on they...
  8. ppete1975


    I thought polynesian was completely closed, but boutiki still shows hours? https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/shops/polynesian-resort/bou-tiki-merchandise-shop/ I was just curious if it was somehow open or if the merchandise was somewhere else that was avail for purchase.
  9. ppete1975

    Menus with no phone

    Im just curious what restaurants do if you dont have the ability or dont want to use the qr codes that places have went to after covid. I dont have the problem but was thinking of people like my parents.
  10. ppete1975


    If you are a fan of tinkerbell or have a friend that is, heres a christmas present you dont have to get out of your pjs to get (and ships quick). The original model for her margaret kerry is still alive (you should google her, really interesting life). She also sells really nice pictures that...
  11. ppete1975

    Have you seen Song of the south in its entirety

    No dialogue needed, and just be honest. How many of you have seen the movie beginning to the end.. and for you old timers remember it ;)
  12. ppete1975

    What wouldnt be built today?

    Thought with the parks closed I would do one of these what ifs. So what has been built by Disney that would never be built today. Im excluding non ip vs ip discussion because we know that would tangent. But I was just thinking about space ship earth. I cannot imagine them ever building...
  13. ppete1975

    Disneyland site

    Ive been to wdw several times. First time going to walts original park (and the family museum) within the next 12 months. Is there a site like this for land? I will always be active here just didnt know if i could add to my knowledge with a land specific site. Thanks!!
  14. ppete1975

    haunted mansion funko

    target has them in stock starting today, I got the 10 inch the 3 pack and a few others http://popvinyls.com/2019/08/05/more-from-disneys-the-haunted-mansion-coming-soon-to-funko/
  15. ppete1975

    What if? We had another delayed opening like haunted mansion.

    So some back history on the haunted mansion. In 1961 handbills were handed out announcing the opening of the ride in 1963. The mansion was completed (outside façade) in 1963. The fence was up and there was a sign saying the ride was coming. In 1965 it was even previewed on wonderful world of...
  16. ppete1975

    Is Disney really that expensive?

    Is Disney really that expensive? This week I went to frontier city, the Six flags owned amusement park in Oklahoma. It has roller coasters, a log flume, a white water raft, a “dark ride shooter”. Theming is static mannequins if there is theming on a ride, the roller coasters are short. Its like...
  17. ppete1975

    Kermit saves the day!!

    Such a feel good story when all you hear is the bad. https://abcnews.go.com/US/heartwarming-moment-school-resource-officer-soothes-young-girl/story?id=61554189
  18. ppete1975

    Rose parade, what happened to Disney?

    Disney used to be a big supporter of the parade. Walt, mickey, kermit (not sure if this was before or after Disney), all were grand marshals. They had floats even recently. And its down the street. Did they have an issue with the people in charge, feel it cost too much, just wasnt worth it. I...
  19. ppete1975

    Ralph Breaks the internet... thoughts.. (spoilers may be inside)

    So I saw it last night and was honestly disappointed. I loved the first one!! Between it and Wall-e they are my two favorite Disney/Pixar movies. I feel the trailer pretty much told the story, the relationship between vanelope and ralph (outside of the first part of the movie), wasn't as...
  20. ppete1975

    What if? Disney still used tickets

    Until around 1982 WDW still used tickets for every ride (year before my first time). I wonder how the parks might be different if they still used this strategy. Personally I feel it is more upscale and less state fair the way it is, and don't want to see it return to tickets, but would we get...
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