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    Mission: Space Race Online is up!

    Wow I haven't played this game in so long and just re-discovered it! Mike
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    Mission: Space Race Online is up!

    Hey! I've played about 15 times in the last two days and not ONCE have I lost! I've always played on TRITON!!! My name in the game is " Atticus_WDWMagic" ...I just took second overall and my team took FIRST! Yesterday the game ran perfect, though today I got disconnected for the first...
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    Expedition Everest-Big Thunder Mountian?

    Ride TECHNOLOGY has nothing to do with a rides THEME! To answer your question, no!
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    space mountain problems

    It seems as though Space Mountain has been experiencing a lot more breakdowns recently! A total of THREE times in two days when I was down at WDW (August 10-15), Space Mountain had the lights on when I rode TTA and then the next day, twice while in the mountain the lights turned on and they...
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    construction near Caribbean Beach

    It's most likely the Radisson Timeshare? Is that the correct company? The land is surrounded on three sides by Disney, so they have to build an entrance on Disney property, etc.. Anyone else with more knowledge fill in the rest.
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    What will the Auto Stunt Show be called?

    Well in Paris they have the show and I believe that is a picture from there......
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    So Big Thunder storage is on the other side of the tracks...

    Well I learned something new today! After riding the train I noticed how the storage for the trains is on the left side and that a piece of track can be switched to run over the train tracks. I know that most likely this is old news to everyone, but I find this very interesting! Both Big...
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    Space Mountain E-STOPS twice in a matter of an hour!

    Hey! I just returned from WDW (August 10-15) and while there Space Mountain E-STOPPED (right term...i e....lights on trains all stop ride is closed..ec..) . The first time was on the 12th while riding Tommorowland Transit Authority. We entered the building and I noticed it was bright and...
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    How strict are they on Eride nights?

    I really hope next time you get caught and have your ticket/season pass revoked. By staying on-site, those people should have that special advantage and opportunity. If I was really desperate I would write a letter to Disney asking them to be more cafeful, but I'm not that obsessive.
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    Whats in Your CD Player ?

    Let's just say my music taste and interest in Disney are odd... ....currently I'm playing - Give Up The Ghost (formerly American Nightmare) - Black Cross - Every Time I Die - The Hope Conspiracy - Madison - Folly - With Resistence Most of these are hardcore, metal, and some...
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    Room1313's 6/5 Disney Update

    Hey, Does your dad work for Disney or a contract company that worked on the ride? Lucky him....
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    Anyone here work for Discovery Channel?

    Hey! I'm not sure but I thought I remember someone saying they worked for the Discovery Channel. I was just wondering if you knew the next time they are going to re-show all the Disney shows on the Travel Channel (Discovery/Travel are owned by the same company right?). Thanks Mike
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    April11th WDW News Update (WITH LOTS OF M:S INFO!!!)

    Space Mountain, not Splash Mountain.
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    Putting Tower Of Terr4r To Rest:Anything you have wanted to know

    I need to get on this ride soooooon! Only about 170 days!
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    15 February 2003 Site Update: Mission Space Capsule interior photo

    Why are people complaining when they have seen one freaking picture of the inside of one pod?????? Wait for the ride to open and then you can complain! Quick question, I totally forget how the set up of all the vehicles will look? Is it all the pods attached to something in the middle and...
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    WDW Vacation Video DVD came today!

    Hey! I ordered it at the most two weeks ago!
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    WDW Vacation Video DVD came today!

    Sorry if this has been posted alerady, but I wanted to let everyone know that I did recieve the WDW planning video on DVD today! I had read some posts that said it was just a test feature at the site! Mike
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    Mission:Space Inappropriate Now?

    I feel like posting again :) If you truly think about it, would the people who perished in the would want something that promotes what they do to open or not? In the end I think Disney will open this because it will be about 6 months later, and truly this is a devestating event, but will not...
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    Mission:Space Inappropriate Now?

    When tragic events occur, you do have to mourn. But I feel that WDW will not delay the opening of Mission Space. I definetly thought about this when the tradgedy occured, but it just doesn't seem sensible. Wow that doesn't make a lot of sense. But what I'm trying to say is I doubt it...
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    Magic Kingdom News

    Re: Re: Magic Kingdom News I hope you were only joking? This person is a cast member who is reporting true news and updates on other information. You need to take some sort of "chill pill" and not get so nasty over a person doing NOTHING WRONG! FLCastMember, keep the updates coming...
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