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  1. Love U Disney


    Can you help me pick out a camcorder for myself? it's harder than i thought. there has to be three basic things on this camera. it has to have really good quality picture, has to be portable and lightweight, and has to have lots of memory. okay help cause i have no clue about technology!:shrug:
  2. Love U Disney

    10 ways to......

    Wanna excercise your brain? This is the thread for you! Ever come up with a list on the top of your head? Share it here! You fill in the blank!:D Here's mine: Ten Ways to Get Fired From Being an Executionist 1.You forget to plug in the chair. 2.You don't ask where the button is. 3.Laugh...
  3. Love U Disney

    Is it just me, or is Miley Cyrus not so innocent anymore?

    I'm a Miley Cyrus fan, but I just watched her most recent music video and it was a little trampy.:dazzle: Her songs haven't changed much, they've actually gotten better, but in the music video she was wearing extremely short shorts and her choreography is getting a little suggestive. Am I the...
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