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  1. JerseySkiddie

    Article about a Lost attraction

    http://tv.yahoo.com/blog/found-lost-petition-for-disney-attraction--894 This article was on yahoo this morning. Although I love Lost this left me scratching my head.
  2. JerseySkiddie

    Jet Blue Question

    I've seen people on the boards talk about getting Jet Blue to give you the difference if your fares go down. How do you go about that? Thanks for any help you can provide!
  3. JerseySkiddie

    CP dinner packages

    today was 180 days from check in for my December trip so I called to make ADRs. I asked about CP dinner packages and the CM said they would be available for booking on June 23rd. Just thought you guys would like to know. Have a great weekend!
  4. JerseySkiddie

    putting park pass toward an AP

    Hey everybody I have an AP, but did free dining last year and had to buy 1 day pass. Does anyone know if I can apply my one day pass toward my AP if I need to renew over the phone? My next trip to WDW isn't until 4/18 and my AP expires 3/3 so I can't do it in person. I tried to do a search...
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