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  1. vitani88

    How many days in each park?

    We are FINALLY going to Disneyland early next year! We're about to purchase tickets and make park reservations. Although we're getting park hopper tickets, I'm not sure which park to start in each day. We'll have four total park days (Friday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday). How many days should...
  2. vitani88

    A/C Circulation in rooms

    We wouldn't be going to go to the parks, but I agree!
  3. vitani88

    A/C Circulation in rooms

    This may seem like a strange question, but I'm wondering about how the air inside the resorts circulates. I know that each room has an individual thermostat, but does the air conditioning circulate between rooms/common areas, or is the air completely separate for each room? My husband wants to...
  4. vitani88

    What is the best ride in Epcot? (Quality-wise)

    Spaceship Earth is my favorite ride, but I think Soarin wins for quality.
  5. vitani88

    News Major Hurricane Dorian impacts to Walt Disney World 2019

    If I'd known it was going to be so nice out today I would've gone. 🙃
  6. vitani88

    Marathon Weekend vs. Princess Weekend

    I didn't realize that about the race days, but it makes sense! I would definitely be staying on property. No way am I driving to Disney World at 3 in the morning! XD
  7. vitani88

    Marathon Weekend vs. Princess Weekend

    This year I participated in my first EVER race with the Rival Run 5K. Despite the delays and the rain, I had an absolute blast and can't wait to do the next one! I've signed up for the 5K in November, but I'd love to sign up for a 10K in 2020. I saw that Marathon weekend sign-ups start tomorrow...
  8. vitani88

    1st rD event - what to really expect?

    I'm sorry for thread-jacking but it seems silly to make a new one to ask the same question! I've seen mixed opinions on this. I read one report that said absolutely do NOT get there over an hour early because there's no point. What is the purpose of arriving two hours early? (Note: I'm doing...
  9. vitani88

    Why aren't Captain Hook and Mr. Smee face characters?

    Just something random I've been wondering and I guessed someone here might know! Peter Pan and Wendy are face character so why not the rest?
  10. vitani88

    DLP must dos?

    My husband and I will be spending 2.5 days at DLP in September and we're wondering what there is that we definitely need to do outside of rides. Are there any amazing restaurants in the parks and resorts? Is there anything like the dessert parties at WDW?
  11. vitani88

    Is it just me or are MagicBands 2.0 bigger?

    I am a pretty petite (but fully grown pushing-30 adult) person and I've always worn my magic band hooked with one hole in the colored part of the band and one in the gray (example here), but it was still totally comfortable. I've noticed with MagicBand 2.0 they're SUPER loose and to get them...
  12. vitani88

    Needing suggestions for reducing motion sickness on rides

    I believe this is the brand I used! I took it twice a day and took these ginger pills in between doses!
  13. vitani88

    Disneyland vs WDW for baby's first trip

    I doubt the infant is going to care either way. :p
  14. vitani88

    Never Been There

    Ponchos are your friend.
  15. vitani88

    Never Been There

    I haven't been on anything at Chester and Hester's, Astro Orbiter, Country Bears, or Barnstormer. I've also never seen the shows in China, France, or Canada.
  16. vitani88

    So when people complain about the standard of food within the parks .........

    Maybe I'm just easy to please, but I've tried very few things at Disney that I didn't like. I live 30 minutes away and regularly drive to the parks just to grab lunch and hang out.
  17. vitani88

    Simulators, are they taking over?

    ...as well as the "I can't do simulators without becoming ill" crowd. Don't forget about us!
  18. vitani88

    Flight of Passage 3D Glasses

    Same!! I've ridden twice and both times I forgot to put my hair up. I really have to wonder how much better the ride would be if I wasn't constantly to keep my hair out of my face so I can see and trying to keep the glasses on!
  19. vitani88

    Flight of Passage 3D Glasses

    I totally agree. I love the ride, but the glasses were falling off my face the whole time. I guess it probably isn't helping that I wear glasses. You'd think they'd design their 3D glasses to fit well for the (millions) of people who need glasses to see. I can't just take them off :/
  20. vitani88

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    So will this be a deluxe resort? Any speculation on DVC rooms?
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