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  1. enchanted_belle

    Trip Report Everything's Better Than Fruit Cake: a MARVELous Cali Christmas TR

    PTR found here for those behind ;) My way of slowly coming out of the lurking woodwork once again was found in a trip to the other Disney parks in the US for a race to avenge all races. The Facts: 6 days, 4 people, 1 birthday, 2 races, and wayyyy too many pictures to count. In fact, the...
  2. enchanted_belle

    Pre-Trip Runners Assemble - a Family Christmas and runDisneyland Adventure

    "Wait - WHO is this person coming out of the woodwork out of nowhere? We haven't seen her in like two years!" I'm a horrible forum person it seems. At least I became one once I moved to Orlando and started working for the MouseHouse last year. And then becoming a teacher made it ten times...
  3. enchanted_belle

    Well Here's My [Bib] Number, So Race Me Maybe - a Sept 2012 TR! P

    Hey everyone, I'm back after another AWESOME trip to the World! And, without further ado, here is the TR (well, at least a start of it!). The Facts: 48 hours 4 parks 7 rides 10 miles 2 Pascals 360 pictures As well as Instagram and cell phone photos! And, amazingly I didn't even get to...
  4. enchanted_belle

    Spring Program

    I know I'm definitely jumping the gun a bit here, especially since Fall hasn't even moved in yet, but.... I'm way too excited not to! That being said, is anyone else considering applying for the Spring program in 2013? :) And, for those who have done it before, when should I start checking...
  5. enchanted_belle

    "Remind me why we're doing this again" The September 2012 PTR!

    I have tried and tried and TRIED to wait as long as possible to post this PTR, but I just couldn't wait anymore! I'm too excited. :) Where did we last leave off in February?? (aka, here) Ohhh yeah... Welcome to the Tower of Terror Ten Mile PTR! So far, there has been a lot of sweat getting...
  6. enchanted_belle

    Sir, we can’t say THAT on a Disney Mic – a Feb 2012 TR!

    a.k.a. The Adventures of Pascal TR Intro: Welcome everyone to my very first trip report! Ahh!!! All week, I’ve been trying to be good and wait to start on my TR until I got my lesson plans for school done (they’re all due tonight), but… since I’m currently at work and am at a place where I...
  7. enchanted_belle

    February 2012 roll call

    Ok, I know there's others out there going during the short month besides me... I just want to know who! Besides, I felt left out with all the other roll calls going on. :lol: Feb. 13 - 17 :sohappy: :wave:
  8. enchanted_belle

    111 Days Away: A Very First PTR

    111 days away... you don't know how long I've waited to be able to make a PTR about this! But, before I get into the report itself, a brief timeline of the progression of this very trip: The start (a la March 2011) - a land/sea trip with my now ex to Disney in November (obviously, this is NOT...
  9. enchanted_belle

    Princess Host Hotels

    Does anyone know if the 2012 race weekend host hotels will be the same as this past years for the Princess Run? My friends and I are looking at going down, but we can only stay at the villas and wanted to see if we could get away with somewhere other than OKW.
  10. enchanted_belle

    Hello! :)

    Hey everyone, my name's Courtney! I'm 22, a Disney FANATIC, and I collect anything and everything Beauty and the Beast (you should see my Jim Shore collection already). I've been to Disney more times than I can count... ok, that's a lie. I've been there 17 times (18 if you include my wander...
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