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  1. coachwnh

    Trip Report The More Things Change, the More We Stay the Same!

    Hello everyone. Its an exciting time at our house in Eastern PA as we are just hours away from returning to Walt Disney World! After not traveling to Disney in over 6 years, we will leave tomorrow for our third trip in just under a year. So much has happened over the past year, and many big...
  2. coachwnh

    Trip Report A Sweet 16 Weekend! This trip is all about Maddy!

    I can’t wait to share our next Disney adventure! This one will start early, as we need to leave for the airport by 2:15 am. Its also special, as Madelyn turns 16 this Sunday. Both Maddy and Brayden are February babies, so we surprised them for a Disney trip way back in 2011. My have things...
  3. coachwnh

    Trip Report It's been 6 years and a global pandemic, but we are back!

    Our last trip to WDW was during the summer of 2014. We have since visited six European countries and traveled across the USA (more than once), but we are ready to return to Disneyworld! We began planning over a year ago, fresh on the heels or our latest European adventure. We asked our kids...
  4. coachwnh

    Soccer star booted from Epcot (yes, pun intended)

    Not sure if this has been posted yet, but thought I'd share. http://pagesix.com/2017/10/03/disney-world-boots-soccer-star-after-eight-hour-drinking-binge/?_ga=2.257705803.1962113735.1506591707-617569981.1371394030
  5. coachwnh

    New Disney Park Sells Out Opening Day in Hours

    http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2016/03/28/disneyland-shanghai-opening-day-tickets-sell-out-in-hours/?intcmp=hpffo&intcmp=obnetwork Not sure its been posted yet (did a quick look, but didnt see anything), so I appologize if this is already posted here.
  6. coachwnh

    From today's NY Post

  7. coachwnh

    Proof people do listen and care for others!

    Not sure this was posted anywhere else, but I really enjoyed this story: http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2015/10/12/students-raise-money-to-send-beloved-campus-employee-to-disney/
  8. coachwnh

    How do I post videos?

    Just looking for a "how to" on posting videos. Thanks
  9. coachwnh

    Memory Maker Photos too big to post in magic threads?

    Im trying to upload from my iPhotos pictures I downloaded from memory maker. gives an error message saying the image is too big. how can i fix so i can post? thanks
  10. coachwnh

    Trip Report Doing it Live One Last Time! It's Our "Let's Try Some New Things" Summer Adventure to Disney World

    Since its already after nine and we are getting up at 2:45 for our drive from the Lehigh Valley to the Philadelphia airport, I figured I'd get the beginning details of our trip posted. Our flight is scheduled for 6:50 am arriving in Orlando at 9:20. Ive been looking all week on the SWA site...
  11. coachwnh

    Trip Report No Creative Title...Just my Live Trip Report from Disneyland!!

    Currently at the St. Louis airport waiting for our 9:20 flight to LAX for our week long stay at Paradise Pier Hotel in Disneyland! We left Eastern PA on Wednesday morning and traveled to Southern Illinois to visit family. The trip out was great. The kids love road trips! In the last week, we...
  12. coachwnh

    Names in movies Titanic and Frozen

    Not sure if anyone here has mentioned this, but my son noticed the names of the two people playing cards with Jack in the beginning of Titanic are Sven and Olaf. He said right away how they are the same names in Frozen. Obviously they are Norse names and thats why Disney choose them, but do...
  13. coachwnh

    Some Interesting reads

    For your reading pleasure http://www.foxnews.com/travel/2014/01/09/universal-orlandos-growth-spurt-is-way-more-than-harry-potter/?intcmp=features http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2014/01/09/meryl-streep-calls-walt-disney-gender-bigot-in-award-presentation-speech/?intcmp=features
  14. coachwnh

    Limiting all guests to 3 FP+ choices per day

    We just returned from an excellent Christmas stay in WDW and it was our third time using the magic bands, each time without incident. I am concerned, however, that by our summer trip we will be limited to just a total of three FP+ choices in a single park per day as paper FPs are phased out...
  15. coachwnh

    Trip Report No snow in Disney...My live Christmas Report

    Boarding now. Will be in FL in just a few hours!!!!
  16. coachwnh

    Trip Report Eating Turkey in Disney...Another Live Trip Report

    Arrived at the Philadelphia airport only to be delayed 2 hours. Won't arrive in Orlando until early tomorrow morning, but we will be in Disney !!! Plenty to come as we will be in WDW until Monday. Looking forward to staying at Wilderness Lodge! Our first time at WL for Thanksgiving
  17. coachwnh

    Trip Report My Hauntingly Live Trip Report

    Good morning everyone. Just arrived this morning. All checked in at GF (to our surprise we were given a room with a view of the castle)! On the resort monorail to TTC then on to Epcot. FPs loaded on our magic bands. Dinner tonight at Narcoossees followed by a fireworks boat cruise from our resort!
  18. coachwnh

    Wishes Dessert Party

    December dates opened today. Just made ours for Christmas night!
  19. coachwnh

    Trip Report The Summer Adventure Continues....Our Live Disneyland Report Begins!

    The morning we leave for Disneyland has come. We have spent the last six days in Arizona visiting my brother-in-law and doing some site-seeing. We spent some time in Phoenix where we visited our first water park, DSC07097 by coachwnh, on Flickr Cave Creek, DSC07114 by coachwnh, on Flickr...
  20. coachwnh

    The next big thing........Another live trip report!

    In honor of @disneysince71, I'd like to post as we go. It was so much fun reading along, I figured, "why not?" I tried this in February, but it only lasted half the trip. I picked up a stomach bug midway and ended up tossing the phone in the sink in the wee hours of the morning ending any...
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