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  1. ClemsonTigger

    Word Up

    Continuation of word association thread with a new 5000 spaces! Carry over from: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showpost.php?p=3471631&postcount=1
  2. ClemsonTigger

    DLP Visit June 12-14

    As it turned out, I needed to be in Europe for two weeks, with a free weekend in between...so what should I do. I've passed through the train station for Disneyland Paris (Marne-la-Vallée) on the TGV (high speed train) numerous times, have gotten glimpses of the Castle, Space Mountain and Tot...
  3. ClemsonTigger

    Disney Carpet!

    There are all sorts of Disney houseware items, and we have Disney bridal fashions, but as I came across this in a pop up....we now have Disney carpeting and rugs! I don't know where to begin! :rolleyes: http://www.avaloncarpettile.com/department.aspx?deptid=3&deptname=Carpet
  4. ClemsonTigger

    Get Paid to do the Parks for 2 Months!

    Just saw this promotion for Orlando and all it's attractions. Who from WDW Magic is going to do it...
  5. ClemsonTigger

    Philadelphia Woman Abducts self to WDW

    Motives are still unclear, but it appears a Philadelphia area woman posed an elaborate (but flawed) abduction of herself and her 9 year old daughter and flew down to WDW checking into the GF before being tracked down and arrested...
  6. ClemsonTigger

    Happy Birthday TwoTiggersMom

    Happy Birthday Miss! Hope those three boys treat the blonde bombshell right this weekend! Have a great one dear!
  7. ClemsonTigger

    Happy Birthday Garyhoov!

    Happy Birthday old man Hope you spend your weekend out on the road in your new toy! :cool:
  8. ClemsonTigger

    Happy Birthday Master Yoda!

    Hope you have a great one Mr. Valentine ! From one man about town to another! :lol:
  9. ClemsonTigger

    Disney back with Spielberg/Dreamworks

    Contrary to all the doomsayers, Disney is continuing to move the business forward, and possibly more importantly is back in the good graces of Steven Spielberg. While it's only conjecture at this point, discussions of other collaborations that were dead under Eisner are now very good...
  10. ClemsonTigger

    Test Countdown

    http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/geo/graphics/spacer.gif http://graphics.fansonly.com/schools/geo/graphics/spacer.gif
  11. ClemsonTigger

    Heartwarming story from an Imagineer

    Just saw this on the news this evening. Do listen to his discussion, it truly puts things in perspective. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=3633945&page=1
  12. ClemsonTigger

    News: Florida lake parasite

    As a followup to ongoing discussions about swimming in WDW lakes and in particular River Country, here's a new article about the reason it won't happen: http://news.aol.com/story/ar/_a/deadly-amoeba-lurks-in-florida-lakes/20070919070609990001
  13. ClemsonTigger

    etickets, not E tickets

    I just logged on to purchase MNSSHP tickets and was surprised to see and electronic ticket option. The site says this is not available for regular park tickets but only for special events. So I have my spiffy printed ticket ready to go. Hadn't heard about this before, how long has it been...
  14. ClemsonTigger

    Non WDW Coaster Failure

    Failures rarely get reported at non-Disney parks, but they sure do happen! Here's a good one: http://news.aol.com/topnews/articles/_a/outage-leaves-roller-coaster-riders/20070610175609990001?ncid=NWS00010000000001
  15. ClemsonTigger

    Welcome Home Andy!

    A friend of our's here, Laura, has just had her husband return from a long tour of duty in Iraq. You may have noticed some of us with patriotic avatars for this occasion. Thought I would provide a thread for any of us to recognize the sacrifice made by the soldiers and their families...
  16. ClemsonTigger

    Song of the South in USAToday

    The subject has been discussed regularly here, but there is an article today in USAToday suggesting the time might be right for release. No promises of course! http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2007-03-27-song-of-the-south_N.htm
  17. ClemsonTigger

    Pirates III Article, Photo's and Trailer

    There is an article in today's USA Today on Pirates III with some good publicity photos. The article references the first look at the trailer on Monday's Dancing with the Stars. http://www.usatoday.com/life/movies/news/2007-03-15-pirates-first-look_N.htm
  18. ClemsonTigger

    Happy Birthday Magic Maker

    AKA....well purveyor of Disney Dreams and Timeshares...:D Hope you have a great birthday!, You and Punxatawney Phil can close down PI tonight!
  19. ClemsonTigger

    Pressler Ax'ed Again

    Looks like after being part of the problem at Disney, Pressler is no longer considered one of the golden boys: http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/retail/2007-01-22-gap-ceo-resigns_x.htm but don't worry...I don't think he'll starve right away.... I gotta get a job with that...
  20. ClemsonTigger

    Mary Poppins on Broadway

    I knew that Mary Poppins has an opening day on October 14, but was surprised to get an Email from Disney Visa offering presale tickets. Got tickets for the matinee on Oct. 28th, 5 row orchestra....yes I'm doing the happy dance!
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