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  1. EPCOT.nut

    Local WDW meets? Any locals interested in regular get-togethers?

    Hi yall! :wave: There have been several of us 'locals' that have enjoyed each other's company in WDW over the last few years, and we have evolved to just PMing here or FaceBook whenever we are going to the parks, and met up and had great days together. It's really cool to get to know other...
  2. EPCOT.nut

    Tree Before Turkey - Christmas starts at EPCOT

    I went to EPCOT yesterday morning and thought about my Magic Friends as I walked around looking at the Christmas decorations. The Turkey Before Tree war has been going pretty strong here, and the hilarious arguments from both sides had me in stitches. I was alone in EPCOT, really feeling alone...
  3. EPCOT.nut

    EPCOT FAWF with friends - funny fun

    I love being close enough to WDW to go on a spur-of-the-moment day trip. I'm about two hours away so it's not so close that I go there every day, but close enough that I get there every few weeks. I've been lucky to go last Saturday with a group of friends, and then again yesterday...
  4. EPCOT.nut

    New post show at Test Track - EPCOT

    Hey yall! I went to EPCOT yesterday and saw that they finally took down the construction walls that was around the old Fuel for Thought display and revealed some new interactive areas where the 'corn fuel' stuff was. Here's the construction walls that had been up for quite a while - It's...
  5. EPCOT.nut

    Happy Birthday xtimMoothyx!

    Happy Birthday! *sending happy thoughts so you come back to EPCOT with us* :lol::lol::lol:
  6. EPCOT.nut

    Happy Birthday Jekyll Baker!

    Happy Birthday! Here's a birthday cupcake from Liberty Tree Tavern! :lol::D:lol: But knowing you, you can bake a better one! Hope you have a fantastic day!
  7. EPCOT.nut

    EPCOT Fanboy and Fangirl hostile takeover thread

    :lookaroun It is early morning...I park my car in Amaze 38 and begin the walk up to EPCOT. I chit-chat with security about the possibility of rain....they don't check my large, lumpy package of ponchos. Victory might be mine today. :lookaroun I slip through the turn-stiles....they...
  8. EPCOT.nut

    EPCOT 25th Gallery was CLOSED today - what's up?

    Went to EPCOT this morning and at about 10:30 am went to check out the 25th Gallery and it was CLOSED. The double doors were locked. :eek: I just did a search on these forums and couldn't find any information...anyone know what the deal was? I have never seen it locked. I tried to peek in...
  9. EPCOT.nut

    SSE colors - just curious about lighter colors

    Well, I went to EPCOT today and also Thursday nite and SSE was really different looking as far as the colors at night. I always take tons of pics of SSE at night and it is that purple-blue color. The last few days it has been much lighter in color. Even white and yellow as we were leaving...
  10. EPCOT.nut

    EPCOT Center 25th Gallery Photo Thread

    It seems people aren't sure exactly when and if the EPCOT 25th Anniversary Gallery Exhibit will close, and lots of folks here may miss seeing the exhibit. Would anyone like to post their gallery pictures here in one place for the less fortunate to enjoy? :)
  11. EPCOT.nut

    smilie test

  12. EPCOT.nut

    Disney Stuff on My Cat

    This thread is inspired by the books and website Stuff on My Cat, which is hilarious. A great cat can be a canvas on which you can showcase your collections. A great, big cat is an expansive canvas, and might showcase an entire collection. I present Stalker, my 26 pound cat, and some EPCOT...
  13. EPCOT.nut

    British Invasion Beatles Band question

    My husband and I greatly enjoy seeing The British Invasion in the UK Pavilion at EPCOT. It's been a bummer that we haven't seen them lately! Does anyone know when they are coming back? Is it just bad luck that they haven't been there when we look for them - or have they been AWOL?
  14. EPCOT.nut


  15. EPCOT.nut

    Any gardeners out there?

    Curious if anyone else is planning their Spring & Summer garden now. Here in the South we have that last-ditch window of opportunity for the winter crops. I've just started 4 different kinds of broccoli seeds inside...so excited! So anyone else pouring over the seed catalogs, staking out...
  16. EPCOT.nut

    What song made you happy or dance today?

    You know how you listen to the radio and *that song* comes on... you may not hear it very often, but when it comes, you're tapping the gas pedal, and other motorists are looking at you funny... :lookaroun So, what was it? Today, I heard Don't Stop Til You Get Enough - Michael Jackson -...
  17. EPCOT.nut

    Anyone going to MouseFest 2007?

    Hello! :) Are there any WDWMagic folks going to MouseFest 2007 Land? I noticed in registration that WDWMagic was not one of the listed "Community Affiliations" we could choose. WEIRD! I'm going on Saturday, Sunday and maybe on Monday. Anyone else? This is my first year going and...
  18. EPCOT.nut

    New SSE narrator auditions.

    Since we have a few months before Spaceship Earth (SSE) reopens, I thought we should audition new narrators. I am leaning towards a sexy male voice. What about Avery Brooks? (Hawk from Spencer for Hire, the Captain from Deep Space 9) After a hard day at EPCOT I could lean back in a dark...
  19. EPCOT.nut

    Spaceship Earth Re-opening WDWMagic Meet

    We have a new thread for this meet since there have been changes to the date, as well as changes to - well - everything...! Here is the link: http://forums.wdwmagic.com/showthread.php?t=266103&highlight=spaceship+earth+meet See you in the new thread!
  20. EPCOT.nut

    Celebration 25 Events Poll

    What are you looking forward to most during Celebration 25? Why did you register? Was it the tempting desserts? The fabulous reserved fireworks show? The History Walks? The Re-dedication Ceremony? Sticking it to the Man? Camraderie with other EPCOT fans? The Group Rides? Do tell! And...
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