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  1. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Need help deciding on where to eat! Gotta make ADRs!

    Hey yall :) So in November, I'm vacationing at WDW/ Universal with a newbie (I guess that makes us both kind of noobs?) and he has absolutely no opinion on where we eat. :hilarious: A bit of background: We're both adults, of legal age, no children, and with varied tastes. He has no...
  2. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Broken ads?

    I've noticed that my ads (I do not use an adblocker!) are broken links- or simply say "ADVERTISEMENT" but no image. Anyone else having this issue?? I started noticing it a few days ago.
  3. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Help identifying characters in vintage photo ?

    I was reading a lovely article on Disney Avenue (The stories behind Walt Disney's last photos at Disneyland) and came across this photo- can anyone identify the character on the far right??
  4. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Universal for the hopelessly ignorant and confused

    I've booked my vacation and added 4 days of Universal rather than a solid WDW vacation. But now I'm facing a bit of an issue... I know nothing about Universal, other than what has been mentioned in Spirit's threads over in News and Rumors. No idea what rides are decent. No idea where to eat...
  5. Soarin' Over Pgh

    The Lion King to open @ Shanghai Disney Resort

    I didn't see this posted anywhere, but please delete if it has been and I overlooked it. THE LION KING to Open at Shanghai Disney Resort and in Mexico City Disney Theatrical Productions celebrates the announcement of two world premiere productions of THE LION KING at Shanghai Disney Resort and...
  6. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Pittsburgh Arts Festival and Fort Pitt

    **Photo dense!** Every year Pittsburgh holds a 10 day festival called the Three Rivers Arts Festival. For abbreviation purposes... let's just call it the TRAF. :) It's 10 days of music and arts of all kinds. Artists from across the country come and set up their booth for a 3, 5, or 10 day span...
  7. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Scored a giant amount of Disney books! Now what?

    Maaaaaan. I hit up Half Price Books recently and SCORED big time- in the "clearance" section I found more than two dozen Disney books (they're not Golden Books but similar, I'll post a photo when I get home from work) for ... 25 cents each. Needless to say, they ...all.. followed me home...
  8. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Inexpensive wall pin displays :)

    Hi girls! And guys! And kids! And mice! I did these as a quick mini project because I was tired of my pins being stuck in a bag and in my drawer! All I needed was two sets of wooden photo frames from Michael's ($1.99 a set) and a roll of thin cork DIY board ($3) hot glue gun and glue and some...
  9. Soarin' Over Pgh

    2014 Promotion... Any idea what it is?

    Just wondering when they announce the following years promotion. Is it October, beginning of new fiscal year for Disney? Anyone have any hints or ideas on what it'll be? @Lee ? @WDW1974 ?
  10. Soarin' Over Pgh

    New Villains fabric @JoAnn Fabrics (pic)

    Like title says. :) I saw this today while looking for something else and had to have it. The fabric cutter told me it was brand new, she just put it out yesterday. Regardless, it's adorable. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it just yet (lol) but wanted to share. :)
  11. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Mr toad on Netflix!

    Not sure if its widely known, but if you search for "disney" you'll get a few hits for disney animation collection including Mickey and the beanstalk. Three little pigs, the tortoise and the hare, and..... Wind in the willows! Just a heads up. They didn't show up under the usual disney guide...
  12. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Roommate has never seen Monsters Inc. Planning party. help!

    As title states. :) It's a shame that someone who lives with me hasn't seen a movie that I've seen.. errr. well, too much. So I'm thinking of having a themed dinner and dessert for Friday, and putting on the movie... and then heading out Saturday afternoon for a Monsters U matinee. But I...
  13. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Got so caught up with everything, I forgot my Dumbo. :(

    When I was at WDW a few weeks ago, I got so caught up in taking a billion photos, seeing everything and having a good time that I completely forgot the one thing that I really, really wanted to get: the new Dumbo popcorn holder. Why? I don't know. But I LOVE IT. I even saw them the first few...
  14. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Pressed Pennies guide?

    Mods, if this is the wrong forum, please move... I wasn't sure where to put it! :) When I was at the MK two weeks ago, a CM tipped me off that at City Hall, they should have a list of where I can get certain pressed pennies but unfortunately, they didn't have that when I went. I was just...
  15. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Monster big FIRST TRIP trip report! WOOT!

    This is gonna be broken up in sections, so pardon multiple postings. I typed it (erm, at work....) on MSWord to make life a little easier for me ;) edit to add: I'll add photos to this giant report once I get home tonight! <3 I don't even know what to call this report. The vacation was the...
  16. Soarin' Over Pgh

    7 Days! Starting to freak out. :(

    Ok. I've finally hit that 7 day mark, but instead of OMGYAY crazy excited, I've launched into panic attacks. I haven't been on a plane in 15 years, and I'm rather nervous about it, to be honest. Luckily, my doctor knows I have an existing anxiety condition and I already have a script for...
  17. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Moleskin? Blister protection! Where to buy?

    Hi! 15 days to go, woohoo! I've looked locally for Moleskin (is that its actual name??) and can't find it. Am I looking for the wrong thing? Is there a comparable item I can easily find at Target, or (gawd, if I must) Walmart? My shoes are well broken in, but just in case, I'd like to...
  18. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Lion King on Broadway... Pittsburgh! OMG!

    I've been DYING to see the Lion King show and missed it entirely the last time it was in town (2006? its been a while) but just got a postcard at mail- actually, my BOSS did- that the Lion King is coming back to Pittsburgh... September 3-29! OMG! I can't wait. Kinda puts a damper on my WDW...
  19. Soarin' Over Pgh

    28 days! And last night, I sprained my ankle.

    :( I'm excited. 28 days till my trip to WDW, staying at the Poly (first time!) and... last night, in a frantic, panicked moment, I mis-stepped out of my front door and fell. Half of my foot landed on the "Welcome" mat and the other half? yeah... not so much. I fell on my side, but in the...
  20. Soarin' Over Pgh

    Looking forward to... the Monorail ride!

    Of all things. My Mom and I are going in May and we were talking last night about what we're excited about seeing, trying, etc. She said "the monorail! It looks cool" and I didn't actually think anything of it (I work in Downtown Pittsburgh and we have a subway system. I guess I didn't think...
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