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  1. Raven66

    How to deal with our trip empty nest style.

    Hi all, Well, the day is finally here when our little girl has grown up and decided to move into an apartment with friends. She is 18 now and to soften the blow to me ( drugs would have worked well here too) my husband is taking me to Disney World in November. My question is to those of you...
  2. Raven66

    Nikon Lens advice

    Hey all! I'm thinking of renting a lens for our trip to Animal Kingdom. I have a question and I sure hope it isn't a dumb one.:D I'm thinking of renting a 70-300mm and I already have a 55-200. Now if I'm looking at this right the 70-300mm is better but how much better? Do you think it's...
  3. Raven66

    Help! My husband is driving me insane!! Need question answered.

    June can not get here soon enough. My husband is driving me absolutely crazy. I know it's normal to be excited and I am, but he is over the top. Good thing I love him so much.:D Anyway, he thought he read somewhere that there was a drink station somewhere in between the Little Mermaid...
  4. Raven66

    "Sweet Sixteen" trip, need ideas.

    Hey everyone!! We finally booked our trip. It's going to be June 6-12 2013. So only 268 days to go:eek: My husband who wanted nothing to do with it because it was so far away, has been talking non stop about going since we booked. What this thread is about is my daughter's Sweet Sixteen...
  5. Raven66

    How far in advance?

    We are looking into headinng to WDW March of 2010. I looked at Disney.com and it only goes up to Dec 31 2009. Is it possible I can get prices if I call directly or am I out of luck? I just know if we save the money somewhere else that we can get our hands on it it just won't be there when we...
  6. Raven66

    Raven66's Christmas trip report-better late then never :-)

    Hi everyone! Let me just start by saying we had a great time. And I'm sorry it has taken so long to write this trip report. Our trip was Dec 10-Dec 16 2008. Dec 10: Well, the first part of the day is not very interesting at all but we will muddle thru. Our day started at 6:30 am even...
  7. Raven66

    Just got home and already miss it!

    Hey all! We just got home from our trip. I will get a trip report together is a few days after I recover and wash a ton of dirty laundry. Just wanted to say to everyone, that we had a fantastically wonderful time. More later!:wave:
  8. Raven66

    OMG!! I get to go to Disney World!!

    I'm just so very excited. My DH surprised with the news that we were going to Disney World for my b-day. We are getting to go at around Christmas. We are going Dec 10-Dec 16 ( my b-day is the 18th, but what the heck!). This is the first time we will be going around this time. I can't wait...
  9. Raven66

    Wilderness Lodge vs. Boardwalk

    Hi all!:wave: I know everyone has their favorite resort. We usually stay in Pop Century when we go. Since we won't be going until 2008, my DH wants to save our pennies and stay at the Boardwalk. Now I personally would love to stay at the Pop again not only do my DD and I like it (he does...
  10. Raven66

    Daily Buzz on the CW

    Did anyone see the show this morning? I don't know if it's a nationwide show or if it's something we get around here. But the whole show was live from WDW. They had the first family on to win the night in the castle. The father said it was really nice. There was food around constantly and in...
  11. Raven66

    Who could it have been?

    We were in MGM on Monday Feb. 27th at approx. 8 PM. Several "rocker" types were escorted onto RnRC. I was waiting for my DH and DD to come out and I was sitting on a wall outside. As soon as I saw them, they looked very familar. They were British, I say that because I heard them speak. I...
  12. Raven66

    Digital Camera, Memory Card and Airport X-rays.

    Hi everyone, :wave: I did a search on this, and just couldn't find anything. This will be our first year taking our digital camera with us. I usually take a regular film camera. My question is this.............can the digital and the memory card be put thru the security x-rays? What...
  13. Raven66

    Drinking Around the World.....In Epcot!

    Hey all, :wave: My DH and my sister are very interested in this. I will be the designated walker.:lookaroun We've come to the decision that they will share drinks at each place. My question is this.............Does anyone know or can tell me where I can look for drink menus and prices...
  14. Raven66

    Dining Plan.........Worth it or Not?

    Hi all!:wave: I searched but didn't find what I was looking for. So I'm coming to you all for help. Ok.......... There will be 3 of us, 2 adults and 1 child (9). We don't normally eat a lot when we are at WDW. This past May we ate only 3 sit downs and the rest were counter service. My...
  15. Raven66

    Magical Express on short notice.

    Hi all :wave: We are planning our next trip for Feb. It's possible to get a cheap ticket if you book 14 days in advance. We want to use Magical Express. So my question is this....................How would that work? Would we still be able to use it with just the 2 week notice? Any help...
  16. Raven66

    Disney Stationary

    Hey everyone! :wave: I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is any where I can get some Little Mermaid Personalized Stationary. I've done a search on the web, but I can't find what I'm looking for. I don't want anything super pricey either. Thanks in advance for all of your...
  17. Raven66

    Raven66's very late May trip report!!

    The players.........Dee (me) :wave: , Joe (husband) and Keeley (daughter,8). Our plane left Memphis airport at 5:50 AM May 19th. We spent the night in West Memphis the night before. Everything went fairly smooth. Except that I was so nervous about flying my face broke out in hives. Not...
  18. Raven66

    Magical Express Question

    Hey everyone!! :wave: OK..........I just called to make another payment on my reservation. I asked the woman on the phone what she knew about the Magical Express. Her answer was nothing (seriously). She told me to call Mears because they are the ones doing it. So I did. I asked them the...
  19. Raven66

    Wishes...............from the water

    Hi all :wave: I'm just wondering if any one out there has chartered the boat to watch Wishes from the water? We are thinking of doing this but are wondering if it is worth the money. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D
  20. Raven66

    Just a couple of questions

    Hi everyone! What I need to know is.................How far in advance can you make your hotel reservations and buy tickets? And...........I would like to hear from anyone who has used the child care services at WDW. We have one child, she will be 8 on our next visit. We are pretty sure...
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