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  1. Auroragirl

    Can I go to two parks in one day with a base ticket?

    Quick question: If I have an 8 day base ticket, can I go to two different parks in one day? Will it just use another park day if I do that or would I just have to buy a park hopper? Thanks in advance!
  2. Auroragirl

    Weekend Anniversary Trip booked and ready to go!

    Well... where do I start? My husband and I were planning on surprising our girls with a trip to WDW in September. But just the other day my DD8 says to me "So what are you doing for your honeymoon?" (she says that instead of anniversary)... and I said that we'll probably just stay close to...
  3. Auroragirl

    Is there free dining or not for 2011????

    We're planning on going in Sept. and saw before that there was free dining offered, but now there is nothing on the Disney website that shows anything for free dining. I must've missed something, whats going on? Did they take it back for this year?
  4. Auroragirl

    "Water Parks & More Option" question....

    Me and the hubs have been going back and forth about this... and neither of us can figure it out... :hammer: OK... Here's my question; and I really hope I dont confuse anyone - b/c after trying to ask my husband, I kept getting more confused.... How are the water park admissions 'taken out'...
  5. Auroragirl

    Auroragirl's Trip Report: Sept 19-25

    Hello all!! I'm not brand new to this site... I usually check the forums a few times a week, but this will be my first TR!!! Most of you know my hubby... WDWMazprty! He has already started the TR, but I just wanted to add in a few other details and, maybe, a few different pictures. Please check...
  6. Auroragirl

    I got this in the mail today!!!

    I know I'm not WDWMagic as much as I should be.... :lookaroun ... but I feel like I'm always on since WDWMazprty tells me all the good stuff thats going on. But I was so excited when I recieved this in the mail today!!!!! Our reservation info, a couple of pamplets about Disney &...
  7. Auroragirl

    ADR's for 9/19 trip

    I'm not totally new to the forums... its just been a while since I've last posted. We (WDWMazprty & I, and our two DD's 8 & 3) are going to WDW September 19 to 25. My sister, her DH and two kids (DS8 & DD6) are going to be joining us this time around. It'll be their first time at Disney!!! I'm...
  8. Auroragirl

    "Mickey's Mart"... is it still there?

    I was reading on another forum about "Mickey's Mart - Everything Ten Dollars and Under". Is that place still open? And where is it located? :shrug: Thanks for your help! :)
  9. Auroragirl

    Virtual Tower of Terror

    Ever wonder what it would be like to control the "Tower of Terror"? Found this website: http://www.towerofterror.org/media/vride.html where YOU take the controls of the ride.... Very addictive! Takes a few minutes to figure it out but it's pretty easy. Sorry if its already been...
  10. Auroragirl

    Heard of Kingdom Konsultants??

    Has anyone heard of or used Kingdom Konsultants? Just wondering what your thoughts are...etc..... Thanks for posting!
  11. Auroragirl

    Anyone a member of DTuneslive.com?

    Anyone a member of DTuneslive.com? Since the beginning of this week their website has been down; they were working on "enhancements"... but now it dosen't work at all. I get a message saying that the 'server is forbidden' and we 'dont have permission to access the server'. Just wondering...
  12. Auroragirl

    Epcot in need of another country?

    Do you think Epcot is in need of another country in World Showcase? A few recommendations I could think of would be Australia, New Zealand, maybe a South American Country. I would like to see a new country just for the new foods, gift shops and possible attraction.... Any...
  13. Auroragirl

    A 'Disney' Name Game

    Anyone up for a game?!?!?! The Rules: It shouldn't be too hard. You can name anyone, but, preferrably lets keep it a Disney character or from a Disney movie, etc... from any genre; a cartoon character, actor, singer, etc... as long as they are famous and recognizable. Try not to repeat...
  14. Auroragirl

    Surprise Kids for a Surprise Trip

    Does anyone have any good stories of how they surprised their kids (or spouse/family members/etc...) to a trip to WDW? :eek: Have any good ideas of how to surprise my 7 year old the morning of (or day before) our flight to "the World"? :ROFLOL: We really want to surprise her...
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