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  1. MsSnuzi

    Free Dining Plan

    Hi all! I know there is a variety of opinions on the Dining plan, so please go easy on me :lookaroun Just wondered if anyone knew if Disney announced a free dining option for 2011, I thought I heard somewhere that it was offered to bookings starting August 19,2011. Thanks for any help...
  2. MsSnuzi

    Universal Heroes Promotion free ticket

    Anybody else get an email that they got the Admission Ticket for Universal Orlando 2-PARK Unlimited Admission Ticket? Just wondering if there is a catch . . . . This is what the email said: Dear XXXXXC, Congratulations! You are one of the first one hundred thousand (100,000)...
  3. MsSnuzi

    Modern Marvels: Walt Disney World on the History Channel now!

    Just thought I'd let you know that the History Channel has a show about WDW on right now - check your local listings.
  4. MsSnuzi

    Hooray for Hollywood

    Hi all! Just wondering if anyone has a copy of the version of Hooray for Hollywood with the vocals from the Great Movie Ride. I heard it on Mouse Radio 2 and am very interested in getting a copy. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks, Suzi
  5. MsSnuzi


  6. MsSnuzi

    Thanks Kingdon Konsultant!

    Dearest Pam, I can not thank you enough for all your help with my upcoming vacation. Your advise was right on the money and even with the short notice and the craziness of the holidays, you got everything done for me. I know I never would have been able to get it all done alone and you just...
  7. MsSnuzi

    January '05 Vacation?

    Who will be in WDW in January? I'll be at AKL from the 1st to the 9th. First time there, looking forward to spending some time with the Mouse. :)
  8. MsSnuzi

    Happy Birthday, Tramp!

    Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, dear Rich Happy birthday to you Hope your day is every bit as special as you are! Love, Suzi :kiss:
  9. MsSnuzi

    What's a Puppeteer?

    A question for any CMs or CPs in Entertainment: One of my students went to an audition tonight for CP Characters. He scored too high for a Character, although he is in the Pluto range. They said he could do the Character if he wanted, but they did an additional audition and want him as a...
  10. MsSnuzi

    Double Subscription

    Hi Steve, I noticed that I have 2 active subscriptions. One is monthly and the other is annual. I was under the impression that the monthly wasn't automatically renewable, so I purchased the annual. Now, not that the site isn't worth it - it surely is, but if I were to cancel one of the...
  11. MsSnuzi

    testing . . .

  12. MsSnuzi

    Problem with Rep window

    I installed a new version of Internet Explorer that someone on the site was talking about that had a better pop up blocker on it and now I'm having some trouble, I can't access the window that allows you to give reputaion points to members and another area where I can't process credit card...
  13. MsSnuzi

    Mickey Disco ball ornament

    Anybody know if it's possible to buy a Mickey Disco Ball ornament? I saw one hanging from a car rear view mirror and really love it. I saw a reference to them online but can't seem to find anywhere to purchase one. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. MsSnuzi

    Just a question

    The views for the listings of threads come in wide screen and wide screen express - anyone know the difference between the two?
  15. MsSnuzi

    Shipping packages tax free?

    Hi - just wondering if anyone has heard of this. A good friend of mine that travels to Disney from PA several times a year and spends a small fortune on souvenoirs said she always ships her packages directly to her home and doesn't have to pay tax on them. Depending on what she spends, the...
  16. MsSnuzi

    Attention: Disney Store CMs

    I have been thinking about part time work at a local Disney store. Any CMs willing to offer experiences and answer some questions? I know it doesn't pay well but what type of perks are offered? A friend manages one of our local stores and I plan on calling her also - but thought I'd ask my...
  17. MsSnuzi

    Sound bits of Mickey Mouse

    Hi! Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get clips of Mickey Mouse speaking. No specific phrases, just want some clips of his voice - any suggestions would be great. Thanks!
  18. MsSnuzi

    smiley test

    <a href='http://www.smileycentral.com/?partner=ZSzeb008' target='_blank'><img src='http://smileys.smileycentral.com/cat/28/28_1_5.gif' border=0></a>
  19. MsSnuzi

    Auditions for CP Program

    Just wondering if anyone that has auditioned for the CP program could offer some info, suggestions or advise. A student of mine from way back is a choreographer for AK and she emailed me to say she will be in our area to hold auditions for the CP program and some full time positions. Do...
  20. MsSnuzi

    Help in signature?

    I wanted to change the font style and color in my signature and I'm not sure how - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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