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  1. sublimesting

    Unable to make Hoop Dee Doo Review reservations for September

    Is there something going on with Hoop Dee Doo Review in the fall? I can't seem to make reservations?
  2. sublimesting

    Opinions on Toothsome Chocolate Emporium

    At Universal this year we were considering eating at Toothsome. We were there last year during a soft opening but didn't east there. But the concept and theming were quite intriguing. Also, I think the menu looks quite tasty.
  3. sublimesting

    Disability assistance program no longer offered?

    Hi everyone! I had this in trip planning but my friend re-confirmed that the CM told her this went into effect over the weekend so maybe it should be in rumors. I really doubt what she was told but here it is: I have a friend who's 9 year old has autism/aspberger's. They are a family of 4 (the...
  4. sublimesting

    Disability Assistance

    Hi everyone! I have a question for a friend who's 9 year old has autism/aspberger's. They are a family of 4 (the other son is 5), and they are planning their first ever Disney trip for this fall. The Mom called Disney this weekend to upgrade their tickets to park hopper and she also inquired...
  5. sublimesting

    Bippidy Boppidy Boutique hair style question

    My daughter has long blonde wavy hair and wants to dress as Rapunzel. She wants to do Bippidy Boppity Boutique but wants to have her long Rapunzel hair (that she actually has). We are trying to explain to her that they have certain hairstyles they can do but it all involves wrapping it up in...
  6. sublimesting

    Bippidy Boppidy Boutique Hair question

    So my daughter has long blonde wavy hair. It's so pretty! She wants to do Bippidy Boppity Boutique but wants to have her long Rapunzel hair (that she actually has). We are trying to explain to her that they have certain hairstyles they can do but it all involves wrapping it up in braids...
  7. sublimesting

    i I was excited to have some Marvel in the parks. Now I am afraid.....

    With the breaking rumor that the TOT may be getting an Avengers or Guardians re-theme it is becoming apparent as to what Disney is doing. They are trying to compete directly with Universal park for park. One thing Disney has a surplus of now that they didn't when MGM opened was acquired...
  8. sublimesting

    I have some questions that I hope someone can answer because for once Disney was confused...

    Hi everyone, so I planned a trip for the fall. I haven't been there since fall of 2014. Now our usual pattern used to be as such. We'd buy 3 APs (one for each of us Me DW and DD). When free dining was announced we would then purchase the required 2 Day base ticket (one set for each of us for...
  9. sublimesting

    How can I get groceries and alcohol for Universal's Cabana Bay Resort?

    Hi everyone. This is our first time going to Universal. We're staying at Cabana Bay. Now usually we go to Disney and use Gardengrocer. However, they don't deliver to Universal resorts (this is like strike 15 against Universal by the way...very displeased with every aspect of planning this...
  10. sublimesting

    What are the very best restaurants in both Universal Parks?

    We are going for 4 days this fall and will be eating out once per day. My wife read somewhere that Mythos id the best. There's no way to talk her out of hat if it isn't, so I need 3 more!
  11. sublimesting

    Question about ticket purchases for busy days

    We have friends going over spring break for their first Disney trip. Yeah...I know. But my question is, they are staying off site and I told them about parks reaching capacity sometimes during these busy times and only guests who are staying at the resorts are admitted. She tells me that they...
  12. sublimesting

    DVD Player at Pop Century

    Hi guys, We've never done this before but this year we decided to bring a small dvd player with us. We are staying at Pop Century. Does anyone know: Do the resort TVs have the ability for external devices to be hooked up to them? If so, what are the type of hooks ups? HDMU, S Video, etc.
  13. sublimesting

    Free Dining for the fall?

    So, today was supposed to be the rumored day that Disney Visa card holders would be allowed to book for free dining but I haven't heard anything yet. Has anyone?
  14. sublimesting

    So my 4 year old asks: Why is the Beast still the Beast but Tiana....

    isn't a frog? The spell was broken and yet The Beast is still the Beast in the parks and not the prince. But Tiana gets to be a royal Proncess and not a frog. Obviously it's cause the Beast is a more exciting character than the Prince...but shouldn't we occassionally see him inprince form...
  15. sublimesting

    HDMI on televisions

    Can anyone tell me if the TVs at Pop Century have an HDMI input jack?
  16. sublimesting

    I have a complicated problem I hope someone has a suggestion for:

    Let's see if I can explain this. I have two 2-Day park tickets that my wife and I bought last year (so we could get free dining). Usually we roll these in to the purchase of an AP the next year (which was our intent this year). However this year I bought three 2-day tickets (my wife, me and...
  17. sublimesting

    I've been selected to Beta test the FastPass + and I have a question

    If we do test this for them can we also use the regular fast passes o are we stuck only using their 3 per day reserve FP+? We are going to have APs that we will buy on arrival and we have purchased 2 tickets for our 14 day trip so we can do free dining (that we weren't going to use but rather...
  18. sublimesting

    So are regular Fast Passes gone now?

    Are we just doing FP +? How do you make FP+ reservations if you are going to buy an AP when you get to the park?
  19. sublimesting

    APs and the NextGen questions

    Hi guys, So we leave in 5 weeks for Disney and will be buying APs when we get there but I have some questions: Do we get a Magic Band with APs purchased in park? Also, how does Fast Pass work these days? When we arrive for our 2 week trip on September 25th will we still be using FP the way...
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