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  1. Exprcoofto

    New Space Mountain Lighting for Summer Nightastic

    Here is a picture of the new lighting package that was showed off during a Summer Nightastic preview: http://twitpic.com/1ohn3b (from @FLallday)
  2. Exprcoofto

    Some news from the D23 Event - flowers & fireworks

    Some news coming from a presentation by Dan Cockerell this morning at the D23 Event "flowers & fireworks". These are from @otisney and @AllEarsDeb on twitter.
  3. Exprcoofto

    The tree takes the move

    The tree has moved over to the pooh queue. Here are some quick pics: http://twitpic.com/1jerhp http://twitpic.com/1jerc1 http://twitpic.com/1jerbt
  4. Exprcoofto

    WWoHP Release Date & Details coming next Thursday!

    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter release date will be announced next Thursday. (3/25/10) They will also be releasing full details on HPatFJ. All of it will be available at 12PM EST on www.UniversalOrlando.com/HarryPotter This information is from a video on Universal Orlando's official...
  5. Exprcoofto

    Jim Hill on Toy Story 3

    http://jimhillmedia.com/blogs/jim_hill/archive/2010/03/16/toy-story-3-a-triumph-puts-exhibitors-at-showest-in-tears.aspx?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=twitter&utm_campaign=Feed:+Jimhillmediacom+(JimHillMedia.com) This sounds like it's going to be an amazing movie. I honestly cannot wait to...
  6. Exprcoofto

    TRON Lightcycle Overlay coming to WDW Monorails

    So this is the first presence of TRON coming to the parks. I can't believe they are going to be out as early as this month.
  7. Exprcoofto

    1 Killed At SeaWorld

    http://cfnews13.com/News/Local/2010/2/24/woman_at_seaworld_not_breathing.html?cmpid=twitter So sad. :( I'll update this post once their article is updated.
  8. Exprcoofto

    What's next for MK, AK, & EPCOT?

    It seems as if DHS will be getting the most "love" over the next year or two (or longer). Star Tours will be getting a refurb and MuppetVision will be updated to digital (as well as the addition of the WhatNot Shop). I'm going to assume its safe to say that the Monsters Inc. Coaster as well as a...
  9. Exprcoofto

    Phase 1 Permits Filed

    Nevermind, there is already a separate thread going on here. Can a moderator please remove this thread? Thanks!
  10. Exprcoofto

    Which AA should be the spokesman for WDI & Innoventions?

    Which AA should be the spokesman for WDI & Innoventions? 1. Time Keeper 2. Tom Morrow (from DL's Innoventions) (are those two AA's the same??) 3. Tom Morrow 2.0 (previous WDI & Innoventions spokesman) 4. Otto (Autonomatronic from the D23 Expo)
  11. Exprcoofto

    F&G Festival Guide

    The Flower & Garden Festival Guide is now up on Disney's website: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/media/wdw_nextgen/CoreCatalog/WaltDisneyWorld/en_US/Media/InternetMediaType/Event/EpcotInternationalFlowerAndGardenFestival/2010_FG_Festival_Guide.pdf It seems that some things didn't make it...
  12. Exprcoofto

    My look at WDW/TDO

    My look at Walt Disney World I want to take a few minutes to share my opinion and thoughts about the current status of Walt Disney World. The parks are a wonderful place to be, but something has changed drastically over the years: Management. This is a major problem at WDW; management doesn’t...
  13. Exprcoofto

    Fire in SSE?

    Reports of a fire inside of SSE have been posted on twitter. OU has retweeted this: I hope its only a small fire. There isn't any other news on this currently.
  14. Exprcoofto

    Mrs. Potts Cupboard

    I just tweeted the following message as I'm quite surprised as the results: I like the new roof and the look of the building itself. Is Mrs. Potts' Cupboard going to be the first building (along that side) that will be after the Castle Wall?
  15. Exprcoofto

    Virtual Disney World [Online Game]

    PLEASE NOTE: I am writing in the view as if this were/did happen, thats just how I get the creative juices flowing. It is only pure imagination. Also, I explained some obvious Disney things because this was written for a less Disney-literate website. This is a develop of my Virtual Disney...
  16. Exprcoofto

    The Adventureland Challenge?

    My mother found maps from our first trip to WDW in '98. On the MK map it has a section labeled "FUN FOR EVERYONE!" and under that section it says: "Adventureland Challenge - Search for the Mystic Golden Idol Help save Adventureland by finding the mystic golden idol. The contest begins in...
  17. Exprcoofto

    Fantasyland Expansion vs The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

    Note: I created this thread on another site that isn't Disney Parks savvy, thats why I explained a lot of things (which most of you already know about) Fantasyland Expansion vs The Wizarding World of Harry Potter My analysis of both additions coming to Orlando This is something I've been...
  18. Exprcoofto

    The World is Still Awesome - Discovery Parody

    BanksLeeProduction on YouTube has made another great Boom De Ya Da video parody featuring WDW. Here is the newest one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTjeXFDvdkE Discovery Channels: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0jZzBEKIMc&feature=video_response The old WDW one...
  19. Exprcoofto

    First look at the 3D Model

    StitchKingdom.com just shared the first look at the 3D Model for the new Fantasyland Expansion. Here it is: Click the image to enlarge or visit this link: http://www.stitchkingdom.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/01/fantasylandmodel.jpg A couple of things that caught my eye: I don't see the Pooh...
  20. Exprcoofto

    Mickey gets his own Driod: R2-MK

    So now Mickey gets his own droid. Do you think the droid might become a figure in the parade for SWW? While only a small toy now, it could mean the beginning of Disnefied Star Wars characters...
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