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  1. SweetMagic

    DVC Member Cruise to Alaska - 5/25/15

    I'm a little worried because there's not already a thread about this, so I'm afraid I missed a memo! :cautious: Is anyone else on this cruise? It's getting very close and it's very exciting!! :D 7-Night Alaskan Cruise on Disney Wonder - Itinerary A Day Port Guest Ashore...
  2. SweetMagic

    Le Cellier Not Avail Early Aug - End Sept?

    Does anyone know why Le Cellier has no availability from August 6 thru September 30?
  3. SweetMagic

    Candlelight Dinner Packages Booking Window

    Does anyone know when the Candlelight Packages (or for that matter, the announcement of the narrators) will be available? I sorta thought it was 180 days in advance, but I don't see anything available yet. :shrug:
  4. SweetMagic

    Happy Birthday, Jackie (male) - brkgnews!!!

    Birthdays are filled with yesterday's memories, today's joys, and tomorrow's dreams. May your birthday be as magnificent as you are! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Jackie! Here are a few things I picked up for you... hope you didn't already have them... (All he needs is a snorkel, and he's...
  5. SweetMagic

    Sea World Annual Passport Question...

    I was hoping that Robert, or another of our resident Sea World experts might know the answer to this question... When purchasing an Annual Passport for Sea World (a real Passport, not a Fun Pass), does it work the same as Disney, where your pass doesn't activate (your year does not begin)...
  6. SweetMagic

    Happy Birthday DMC-12!!!

    Happy Birthday, Jer!!! We love ya, man :kiss: Hope you have a terrific day :sohappy:
  7. SweetMagic

    Happy Birthday Disneyman15!!!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!!! :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy: We hope you have a great one! :kiss::kiss::kiss: You're the best! :king:
  8. SweetMagic

    ~Kingdom and Kungaloosh: An End-Of-Summer Hoopla for WDWMagic Friends!~

    Hi all :wave: On Saturday, August the 30th, EPCOT.nut (Shannon) and I (Katie) would like to invite anyone who'll be in the area to join us for an end-of-summer gathering of WDWMagic friends at the Magic Kingdom by day, and the Adventurer's Club by night! :D We have a fun day of meals and...
  9. SweetMagic

    Tell me about the Adventurers Club!

    Tell me about the Adventurers Club. I've never been, have no clue what happens, and would like to know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. And the Hoopla! What is this Hoopla that you speak of? :shrug::o:D
  10. SweetMagic

    Rose and Crown

    Well, the Dining forum is a little slow today, so I thought I'd ask a question. For those of you who have eaten dinner at the Rose and Crown... what have you tried, and what would you recommend to try or avoid? I haven't eaten here yet, and will be very soon. Not sure what I want, looking at...
  11. SweetMagic

    Passholder Poll

    I'm basically on a bit of a fact finding mission here. I'm curious, of the people who have AP's... Do you have an Annual Pass (year round) or a FL Resident Seasonal Pass? For my purposes today, it doesn't matter if it's Premium or anything like that. I'm just wondering how many people go to...
  12. SweetMagic

    ~WDWMagic.com Spaceship Earth Re-Opening Party~

    Hi everyone! :wave: As promised, we have refurbished the WDWMagic.com Spaceship Earth Re-Opening Party. We hope you will join us on Saturday March 1st, 2008 for a memorable day of attractions, food and fun at Epcot! For us, this day is about a couple of different things: A)...
  13. SweetMagic

    Annual Pass Renewal/Upgrade Advice

    I'm looking for any advice on my situation: I have a Seasonal Pass that expires at the end of May. I'd like to purchase a regular Annual Pass next time. I usually purchase through AAA to save a few bucks. What combination do you think would be the smartest: 1. Upgrade to an AP now, pay...
  14. SweetMagic

    The Official Meet Monty Meet & Dole Whip Party!!

    As a member of WDWMagic forum you are cordially invited to attend a Dole Whip Party to meet and greet our dear friend from the North, MontyMon! The party will be held on Sunday, Feb. 3rd at 12:30pm at Aloha Isle in Adventureland. Who knows, we may even ride a ride or two while we're...
  15. SweetMagic

    El Pirata y el Perico Test Dinner Buffet

    I didn't see this posted yet, I hope it's not a repeat. Edit: Never mind :( I just realized it's for 2005 :( Sorry, wonder why it's still there when it's so old... oh well, sorry guys disregard... Menu Date: September 2005 TESTING SEPTEMBER 22 THROUGH OCTOBER 5, 2005 Age 10...
  16. SweetMagic

    Valentines Day Dining

    Just a reminder that today is the first day to book ADR's for Valentines Day if anyone is interested. I got Le Cellier at 6:20pm for my party of 2 :sohappy:
  17. SweetMagic

    How Many Passholders Are Doing Haunted Mansion Priority Access Days Sept. 14 - 16

    Curious how many folks will be taking advantage of the Priority Access for Passholders to ride the new and improved Haunted Mansion on Sept. 14, 15 or 16 from 9am - 12pm. Personally we'll be heading over on Sunday the 16th, can't wait :sohappy:
  18. SweetMagic

    Happy Birthday July 24thers

    Birthday Greetings to all my fellow July 24th birthdays! I just noticed that there are several of us celebrating one today so hope you all had a great birthday!! :wave: :king:
  19. SweetMagic

    Tusker House and Yak & Yeti

    Ok, I have 2 questions: 1. If anyone who calls Disney Dining gets info on either of these locations being ready to take ADR's would you please share? & 2. As far as Tusker House goes, I have never eaten there before and I don't know the layout, but on Allearsnet it says this in regards to...
  20. SweetMagic

    New Breakfast Question

    I haven't seen these two places mentioned and was wondering if anyone has any feedback on breakfast at either the Rainforest Cafe at Animal Kingdom or Spoodles....the menus look ok....anyone tried these? Thanks, Katie :wave:
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