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  1. tdonald

    Where to purchase tickets with foreign credit card?

    Hello! I’ll be visiting Tokyo Disney later this month, staying two nights at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and two nights at the Mira Costa Hotel. My question is: can we purchase our four day tickets with an American visa credit card at the welcome centre when we arrive at Maihama Station? We...
  2. tdonald

    Pop Century room request question

    Hi all! I was hoping someone could tell me what I should request for a room at Pop Century. We are staying in a standard room. We didn't want a room near the main pool, but wouldn't mind a room near one of the others (whichever is quieter/less crowded/fewer kids). Our main priority is being...
  3. tdonald

    Please help with my hotel decision :-)

    I'm going to WDW next June and want to stay on property for around 4 or 5 nights. There will be four of us, all young adult men (who would prefer not to share beds but realize we will probably have to because we can't spend that much $$$). I have been to WDW many many times (and I actually just...
  4. tdonald

    New Info on Harry Potter at IoA

    Here's a link to an article on an interesting bit of info about The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Thoughts?
  5. tdonald

    Best Universal Resort Hotel

    This poll is asking for what you think is the best of Universal Orlando's three resorts.
  6. tdonald

    WDW Roller Coaster Survival

    You know what to do. Heal Space Mountain Hurt The Barnstormer The Barnstormer at Goofy's Wiseacre Farm- 9 Big Thunder Mountain Railroad- 10 Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain- 10 Primeval Whirl- 10 Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Starring Aerosmith- 10 Space Mountain- 11
  7. tdonald

    How much DID Disney spend on Attractions?

    My question is how much did Disney spend on in past years. With the U.S. economy allegedly in a recession, does Disney actually less than previous years for attractions? According to Wikipedia, Horizons cost approx. $60 million when it was built in 1983, and I've heard Big Thunder Mountain cost...
  8. tdonald

    Super Rare Epcot Wonders Of Life Pavillion Souvenir

    If anybody bids on this... Super Rare Epcot Wonders Of Life Pavillion Souvenir :lol:
  9. tdonald

    Why is Epcot where it is?

    I've always wondered why Disney decided to build Epcot so far south from MK. Was it just because that was Walt's original spot for it in the 60's? As far as I know there's nothing "wrong" with the land between MK and Epcot. There must have been a good reason to build it far away, considering...
  10. tdonald

    Symbiosis at The Land: No Love?

    I tried researching the extinct Epcot film Symbiosis, and found little about it. There's no youtube video (as far as I can find), there's very few pictures or even descriptions the film. By the time I visited Epcot it had been replaced with Circle of Life, which apparently has recycled (no pun...
  11. tdonald

    Blue Sky Disney Article: MK's new E-ticket

    http://blueskydisney.blogspot.com/ Could be cool... Thoughts?
  12. tdonald

    Bar Room Brawl Thread

    Ok, Fun2BFree, you asked for it! :D
  13. tdonald

    What Rides Need Refurbs?

    What Rides Need Refurbs? Check all that apply.
  14. tdonald

    What Rides Need Refurbs?

    Edit: Poll not ready...sorry
  15. tdonald

    Favorite Souvenirs From Walt Disney World

    What are your favorite souvenirs from WDW? I'll get sentimental and say memories. :rolleyes:
  16. tdonald

    Kingdom Tower changed to Bay Lake Tower

    Looks like the name of the still-unannounced DVC Resort at the Contemporary has been changed from "Kingdom Tower" to "Bay Lake Tower" Any thoughts?
  17. tdonald

    After The Year of A Million Dream

    ************** has a small article about the new "Promotional Program" that will take place starting Jan. 2009. http://www.______________today.com/2008/05/10/after-the-million-dreams/ Thoughts?
  18. tdonald

    20,000 Leagues: Prime Real Estate!

    When will Disney realize that 20,000 LUtS's grave is a perfect spot for a big new attraction? :brick:If you look at it from Google Maps, you'll see how much space there is behind Pooh's Playful Spot and Ariel's Grotto for something. If they needed even more room, they could always build it...
  19. tdonald

    What Rides and Shows Need Fastpass?

    What rides and shows that don't have fastpass are you tired of waiting for? What rides should fastpass be added to? Post ideas here!
  20. tdonald

    Best Extinct Attraction

    Best Extinct Attraction
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