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  1. Debbie

    50th Anniversary Dates

    I am booked for September 30, for 3 nites. I want to be at Magic Kingdom on October1, for the exact day which I hope will be commemorated with something really special. Contact Pam@KingdomKonsultant.com to book a room. That way I am sure she will send out updates as to what Disney has...
  2. Debbie

    Had a visit from a cop last night

    I drive a school bus and I can tell you what would happen here. I would drop the kids on my door side going down the street and turn around and drop the kids off coming back up the street. If they are too immature to cross without someone holding their hand...... sorry this happened to you...
  3. Debbie

    OK, remember back to your first trip, how much preliminary information did you learn about the world?

    My first trip was at age 12 so my only planning was from my next door neighbors who went a couple weeks before us, and told us about all the cool stuff they went on. So my family gets to DisneyWorld and ............ my parents buy the cheapest ticket package there was. I was so bummed that...
  4. Debbie

    Do you think you would be a Disney fan if your first time was recently?

    My first visit was in 1976 with the cheapest ticket book offered. My family never spent a week of vacation anywhere, so we did one day at WDW. (Here is a little throwback trivia: 1976 was our Bi-Centennial and everywhere you turned was special promotions for it. Kennedy Space Center had a...
  5. Debbie

    Multiple locations

    I have only changed resorts once. I took my step-mom and one of my girlfriends to celebrate our 40th birthday. Both had never been to WDW before and probably would never again. I decided to have them experience POR and Wilderness Lodge as I had never stayed at those resorts either. We did...
  6. Debbie

    For my WDW Trip to be "complete," I must _________________________.

    Reading this made me sad :( But I also sort of get it. I was seriously into WDW in the 80's and 90's and then the internet came and I found this site. I started every day with WDW here on this site and ended it too. It sort of pacified my hankering to go; like the Disney store used to...
  7. Debbie

    For my WDW Trip to be "complete," I must _________________________.

    I have to ride the monorail and visit the Polynesian. I have so many wonderful memories there.
  8. Debbie

    Not sure where else this would go. (Possible Chinese bot)

    Hi Mom!!! I freaked out when I came on here last nite and saw Chinese symbols. I was really disheartened about it as I had never seen this before.
  9. Debbie

    Chinese or Japanese

    Steve have you been hacked? What has happened? Gen Discussion and now News and Rumors is all in symbols :(
  10. Debbie

    Pick a sponsor, any sponsor for a ride at WDW.

    Haha----how 'bout BTMRR sponsored by Thomas the Tank Engine? LOL!
  11. Debbie

    Pick a sponsor, any sponsor for a ride at WDW.

    Toy Storyland sponsored by Mattel Any restaurant with breakfast should feature Donald Duck orange juice Big Thunder Railroad sponsored by Amtrak Splash Mountain sponsored by HTH pool chemicals Haunted Mansion sponsored by the Grave Digger
  12. Debbie

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    I got the hate from mostly co-workers. I worked in a small town where the thing to do was marry right out of high school (if you even finished), and start having babies. If you weren't married by 22, you were kinda considered an old maid. This was in the early 80's. I was considered snobby...
  13. Debbie

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    True Dat!! Some people would really get ugly with me. Finally I just had to let them have it-----"Look, it's not my fault you had a kid at 18 and you can't afford it" or "the money you spend on cigarettes and liquor is the money I save to go on vacation"
  14. Debbie

    Hate for childless Disney fans

    I received a lot of 'hate' in the 80's because I would go 2 or 3 times a year, yet I didn't have kids. A good bit of the remarks was about my going and the expense and how they couldn't afford it. I would always clap back that that was the very reason I chose not to have kids until I had done...
  15. Debbie

    What did you love and hate about Pop Century?

    I just got back yesterday from a 5 nite stay/last minute trip. This was my 3rd time at Pop Century. I really like the renovations made to the rooms. My aunt had an adjoining room to me and what I found interesting is her room had a tub/shower whereas mine was shower only. I loved the...
  16. Debbie

    All rides in Hollywood Studios closed for technical difficulties (7/12/18)

    We were in Muppets 3D and it seemed to be very warm. We walked into one of the shops and the cast member told us about the outage. I went back to the hotel--the rest of the gang got their bands converted to a hopper for the day and went to Epcot for a couple hours and went back to DhS once the...
  17. Debbie

    Deluxe Resorts - The First Taste Is Free Kid, But The Next Is Gonna Cost Ya

    We stayed in Deluxe back in the day because that's all they had. We did Contemporary, Poly, DisneyInn, and the one bedroom suite at Disney Village. Tried Caribbean Beach as soon as it opened. Nowdays, I can't justify paying for deluxes unless I had kids or someone would split the cost...
  18. Debbie

    Meeting Famous People

    I don't get to see people like that but my son does. He works security at the SuperDome, and Smoothie King arena and the Square (for outdoor concerts). He works backstage, holds a commission, and carries a gun, not one of those guys who line the front of the stage. While he isn't allowed to...
  19. Debbie

    Need a Disney-inspired cat name

    I have a 14 year old kitty named Dory and a 5 year old kitty named Wall-E :)
  20. Debbie

    my sister was interviewed for this

    As Disney World Marathon turns 25, Louisiana man, 75, prepares to keep streak alive 75-year-old runner Rudy Smith, from New Orleans, talks about consecutively running the Disney Marathon for a quarter century. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel) Stephen RuizContact ReporterOrlando Sentinel As they...
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