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  1. DznyGrlSD

    Ft Wildernees Golf Cart Parade 12/24

    Does anyone know the parade route? We have dinner reservations at the Fort and want to see the parade. Any info is much appreciated!
  2. DznyGrlSD

    2022-2023 Race weekends

    Just dropped: https://disneyparks.disney.go.com/blog/2021/12/lace-up-your-running-shoes-and-start-planning-your-rundisney-race-calendar-for-2022-2023-season/ 2022 Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend powered by AfterShokz November 3 – 6, 2022 2023 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend...
  3. DznyGrlSD

    Thanksgiving Menus?

    Seems odd we're a week and and no "official" announcement on what restaurants will have traditional Thanksgiving meals this year. Last year you could see it in the MDE app under each location's menu but this year? nada.
  4. DznyGrlSD

    I'm retiring from runDisney - for a great reason!

    I AM A CASTMEMBER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! I got hired to work seasonally for runDisney!! That means early retirement for me from running (in Florida - hello Paris??) Here's a link to the job (if anyone else is interested) and the job description...
  5. DznyGrlSD

    Photopass & Race Weekends

    Every rD weekend I've run, I've been a passholder with included Photopass. Now that Disney is going to charge extra for it...the only photos I care about are from rD races - are those INCLUDED with our race registrations or no?
  6. DznyGrlSD

    Orlando Magical Dining 2021 - Aug. 27 through Oct. 3, 2021

    https://www.magicaldining.com/ This is a REALLY good deal to try out some swanky restaurants without breaking the bank.
  7. DznyGrlSD

    January 2023 bookings

    I need to re-book my currently scheduled January 2022 cruise to 2023. We're Gold - any idea on when they'll start booking?
  8. DznyGrlSD

    Will they ever bring back CT?

    I live about 20 minutes from DAK and currently work at home full time Monday - Friday 830a-5p so for Disney's "part time" requirements of 3 days of availability, I'm not available. Do you think they'll get desperate enough to bring back CT? I could totally log the hours needed (and then some...
  9. DznyGrlSD

    Course Maps?

    Is there a good place to see the historical course maps for the different races? I'm curious about the Marathon weekend 10k course but would be interested to see them all in one place
  10. DznyGrlSD

    Question about canceling a cruise

    I'm prefacing with I've only been on 1 cruise and it was back in 2012... Mom & Dad had a cruise booked for 2019 that they booked while on the ship for the - whatever discount/offer you get for doing that. They then re-booked it to 2020, then pandemic, I re-booked mom and I (dad passed away) to...
  11. DznyGrlSD

    Universal Orlando drops all masks requirements for fully vaccinated guests

  12. DznyGrlSD

    Monorail Service Temporarily Suspended at Walt Disney World

    https://blogmickey.com/2021/05/monorail-service-temporarily-suspended-after-construction-vehicle-strikes-beam/ Rumor has it a construction truck hit the beam between MK & Contemp. and they're inspecting it.
  13. DznyGrlSD

    In person non-Disney Races - what's "on" now and what are you doing?

    Figured it would be fun to start this thread so we don't de-rail the specific Disney threads. This could also be a good source for those of us looking for runcations OTHER than Disney. I'll start. I'm currently running the Skedaddle half marathon in Sioux Falls, SD on April 25th...
  14. DznyGrlSD

    Super Bowl MVP Parade 2021

    Just made a MK reservation for the 8th. Since the Super Bowl is in Tampa I'm assuming the parade will be in the AM? Regardless I've got a pass for that day!
  15. DznyGrlSD

    Castaway Cay Challenge Cruise 2022

    Prefacing I've only been on 1 Disney Cruise and that was back in 2012. I'm anticipating Disney resuming in-person races by Marathon weekend 2022 so I'm strongly considering the add-on cruise (4 day Bahamas leaving 1/10/22) that'll get me the Castaway Cay challenge medal. Are there TYPICALLY...
  16. DznyGrlSD

    Mardi Gras

    Looks like they're doing...something? for Mardi Gras. As a new UOAP - what can I expect?
  17. DznyGrlSD

    RUMOR: goodbye Tables in Wonderland

    I was at EPCOT Guest Relations Sunday night and witnessed/overheard the following: Family was in GR asking about dining (from what I could gather) and the GR rep told them that "everyone's was extended & expires in March 2021 and we're not selling new memberships" - take that as you will but...
  18. DznyGrlSD

    Many Springs stores (seemingly) no longer limiting capacity

    Popped over to Springs about 6pm last night for dinner (Earl of Sandwich) and to check out a couple of stores. SEEMINGLY non-Disney operated stores are no longer counting/limiting guests into stores at once. Amorette's line was outside, however, but I didn't go inside to see. Basin wasn't...
  19. DznyGrlSD

    Restaurant capacity limits lifted - what does that mean for Disney?

    Will Disney go along with the lifted restrictions? I feel "safest" at Disney but if they're going to jam everyone back into indoor dining with no distancing...no thank you. Link (behind paywall, sorry)...
  20. DznyGrlSD

    New FL resident discount question

    I saw online (and of course now can't find it) that if you buy a 1 day, 2 park pass as a FL resident you can visit as many times as you want between now and Christmas Eve? Like a mini-AP? My question would be - can you then upgrade that ticket to a full AP in December and would it be good for...
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