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  1. Debbie

    Chinese or Japanese

    Steve have you been hacked? What has happened? Gen Discussion and now News and Rumors is all in symbols :(
  2. Debbie

    my sister was interviewed for this

    As Disney World Marathon turns 25, Louisiana man, 75, prepares to keep streak alive 75-year-old runner Rudy Smith, from New Orleans, talks about consecutively running the Disney Marathon for a quarter century. (Joe Burbank/Orlando Sentinel) Stephen RuizContact ReporterOrlando Sentinel As they...
  3. Debbie

    Who else has experienced something like this?

    Hi everyone!!! I'm a longtime member here. I don't come here as often as I used to but wanted to share this experience with members here as it's magical. My godmother just got back last Wednesday from WDW. There were 8 of them/2 rooms at All Stars. My Nanny wasn't thrilled with staying...
  4. Debbie

    Happy Mardi Gras!!!

    Just dropping in to say "hi". I don't get to come here often but miss you all :) Hope everyone is well----How have you all been? Steve, Eeyore, Mom, TigsMom, Erika and any of my other friends here?
  5. Debbie

    Isaac update

    A big hello to my old WDW Magic friends. Currently we are under a mandatory evacuation in anticipation of Isaac making landfall over my parish--which is not protected by a levee. We are staying home though, along with alot of my neighbors. My reason is my mother being in the hospital...
  6. Debbie

    We're going this week coming!!!

    A big hello to my WDWMagic friends! My boys and I are leaving Wednesday for our first visit to WDW in 7 years! I bet alot has changed..... My boys are now grown men---20 and 17 and I can't wait to experience Disney with them as adults! I don't have alot of time to read so if y'all can...
  7. Debbie

    to my old WDWMagic friends

    Yesterday I had to say goodbye to my former husband and great love, Don. He passed away Monday of B Cell Lymphoma---please keep our son in your prayers
  8. Debbie

    Can I buy you a drink?

    Stealing a few minutes on my cousin's computer over here in Katy, Texas. I'm here for 48 hours for a quick training session then it's the race home. As some of you may know; I'm now bartending and absolutely love it! so drinks are on me! whaddaya have?
  9. Debbie

    It's Carnival Time!

    Happy Mardi Gras everyone :) I'll be in the French Quarter on a balcony at Bourbon and St Peter Monday nite; at the Krazy Korner. I was there Friday nite, had a blast, and I must say-----girls, keep your tops on! A girlfriend wants me to go get body painted Mardi Gras day----I don't...
  10. Debbie

    Christmas Disney help

    A friend of mine wants to order his kids the Christmas stockings he saw on a Travel Channel or Food Network special on DisneyWorld. DisneyFlorist.Com doesn't have what he saw----------so I'm wondering if this was an old special or he is not looking in the right spot? I'm of no help----I...
  11. Debbie

    Bring back New Orleans-what are your thoughts?

    Yesterday, the recommendations were posted by the Bring Back New Orleans committee. It is so controversial, but in the end everyone cannot be pleased. Tough decisions are going to have to be made....... Being that we have forum members from all over; what are you are hearing and seeing...
  12. Debbie

    Don and Deb do Disney

    This trip gave us a much needed lift. Three months ago, we never imagined it could materialize. And as usual; I'm not going to bore you all with minute details; only highlights. Wednesday, December 14: Our flight left at 10:50 and it was non-stop on SouthWest. Going through the airport...
  13. Debbie

    need help with espanol

    Can someone help me with a few phrases? Let me explain: Where I work, many apartments have had to be gutted to the studs. The workers have come in and restored the apartment; but are not throwing their trash in the dumpster that has been provided just for them. So I need to know how to...
  14. Debbie

    Happy Birthday Tigggrl

    I know it's late; but I never get to scroll down to the b-day list. anyway Happy Birthday Carla! Hope you and Cal had a nice celebration!
  15. Debbie

    Debbie does Mardi Gras @ WDW

    This being close to my 30th trip; it was the first for 6 of those in my group. They had no idea what to expect; their only theme park experience was a Six Flags type. Monday: drive day. We left at 2:30AM and arrived Pop Century at 2:30PM. With 12 of us, we made a couple of extra stops than...
  16. Debbie

    A crowded Mardi Gras week :(

    I have a feeling it's going to be crowded the week of Mardi Gras :( . Someone I know, who is going and is staying at Pop Century called to see if she could get one more room and was told that it is completely sold out. So they moved to Old key West (2 bedroom villas) This is a drag..
  17. Debbie

    Park Merchandise

    I know there was a thread many moons ago about how to order merchandise from the parks after returning home. In my sister's case; she wants to order a new Minnie coffee mug because hers broke last week. My PC is too slow to handle a search so can anyone hook me up with the address to this?
  18. Debbie

    Debbie does Disney!

    We got back last evening from our 40th, all-girls, birthday celebration. The entire time we were in the World; my headaches went away, never once experienced backache, and we ate like queens! My party consisted of Joan, my stepmom, age 62, and Mary (4'9), who works with me cleaning...
  19. Debbie

    Happy Birthday MarknSue

    I know we went through this last year but I can't remember who's day it is (and I haven't had my coffee yet), so here goes: Happy Birthday Mark! Hope it's a good one! and Sue, if today is your day: Happy Birthday Sue! Hope you have a great one!
  20. Debbie

    Debbie does .........

    Made you look! I finally got to see the guys from American Chopper! Does anyone else here enjoy motorcycles? The dad from Orange County Choppers was very nice where Paul Jr. wouldn't make eye contact with me:( . The Steel Pony Express is going on this weekend. Garyhoov -----I hope you...
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