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  1. TinkerChelli

    IPhone4 32g

    Hi, was wondering if anyone knows where I can get free Ringtones for Disney and Epcot for the new Iphone4. Having a hard time finding free ringtones and also ones that are capatable with Apple Iphone4 (the new model) for Verizon Wireless. Thanks for any help. I appreciate it. :wave:
  2. TinkerChelli

    Trip Report 9-29-10 To 10-4-10

    Last Part...... We tried our best to stay till closing but we got tired pretty quick. We did a lot and really enjoyed ourselves. Monday-October 4th, we spent today just visiting the hotels and stuff. We headed to Magic Kingdom to get a boat to Wilderness Lodge. We love walking around this...
  3. TinkerChelli

    Trip Report 9-29-10 To 10-4-10

    Still Continuing......... Wait till you see the next picture I got with this really tall guy. Ok I’m just about 5’2” this guy is about at least 8 Foot Tall. The nicest Cast Member I have met yet at Magic Kingdom. Sweet Sweet Person. I love this picture. My Husband took it of us. Yep there...
  4. TinkerChelli

    My Trip Report 9-29-10 To 10-4-10

    Continuing.... Saturday-October 2 we had ADR’s for Via Napoli at 2pm. We got to Epcot early that day and walked around a bit and did some of the rides with no waits. I have no pictures of the food at Via Napoli I think this place was over rated and really the pizza we ordered was not good at...
  5. TinkerChelli

    My Trip Report 9-29-10 to 10-4-10

    Continuing We even noticed new carpeting was put inby the grand stairs. I had planned on getting the Disney Dooney & Burke Big Bag on this trip. I needed though to check each place for the perfect one that had themost Tink’s onto it. Here it is.I got it at GF Summer Lace Store. This bag had...
  6. TinkerChelli

    My Trip Report 9-29-10 to 10-4-10

    Continuing my trip report We love MK during Halloween season. MK is never this empty but this was wonderful, we enjoyed it and knew this was going to come to an end quickly. We quickly ran toward Adventurland and hoped onto Jungle Cruise. Look how empty it was. There were only about 10 people...
  7. TinkerChelli

    Our Disney Trip Report 9-29-10 to 10-4-10

    Morning Everyone, ok gonna give this a try here. This is my first trip report so please bear with me if there are errors etc. I hope you enjoy this. I am sure it will be in many parts since you can only post so many images at one time. Our Disney Trip Report Wednesday-September 29 to...
  8. TinkerChelli

    Help :)

    I am trying to post a trip blog with pictures. I have it all typed up in a Word Document and everytime I do a cut and paste it paste everything but the pictures. Can someone tell me if I am doing something wrong? Thanks so much. I appreciate all the help :>):wave: "I feel so stupid right...
  9. TinkerChelli

    Leaving For Disney Tomorrow Night

    Hi Everyone :wave: We're leaving for Disney tomorrow night, we have a late flight 8:30 PM to arrive Orlando at 11:30 or so PM. The weather forecast is calling for winds and rain all day tomorrow. Has this ever happened to any of you? How did it turn out? I'm a bit nervous and hoping there...
  10. TinkerChelli

    Magical Express Envelope :>)

    Yea we just received our Magical Express Envelope in the mail.....Now I'm super excited for sure!!!! :sohappy::sohappy::sohappy:
  11. TinkerChelli

    Lastest You Have Taken Magical Express To Your Resort

    :sohappy:Hi Everyone My husband and I this year are going to the World for just 4 days (hey better than nothing) that is what I say and I am super excited. We will be there Sept. 30 to Oct. 4th. I was wondering has anyone here taken a later flight into Orlando and taken the Magical Express to...
  12. TinkerChelli

    Song Of The South (Movie)

    Hi Everyone :wave: I was wondering if anyone here has the movie "Song Of The South" and is willing to make me a copy of it. It's one of the movies I am missing from my liabrary. If you do and are willing to help me out, I'd so much appreciate it. You can email me and I will be more than happy to...
  13. TinkerChelli

    March Weather

    Has anyone been to the world during mid March. I've been so many times to Disney and can not remember, what the weather is like during that time of year. My Dad says rainy and a bit cooler than normal. My parents live nearby Disney. I thought April June July and August were the rainy...
  14. TinkerChelli

    Has Anyone Done The Pirates League Dress Up at MK

    Hey I was just wondering if anyone has done the Pirates League Dress up at MK by the Pirates of Cab. ride. (Adult of Child). It's a new offer they have since May of this year, much like the offer at Cinderella Castle (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique). Just wondering if it's worth it. Thanks so much...
  15. TinkerChelli

    Ready To Pack

    Finally I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We brought up our Suit Cases and will be leaving in about 3 weeks. I can hardly wait to be at the World. Does anyone else feel as though they pay for their trip in more ways than $$. I am drained from work, can not wait to...
  16. TinkerChelli

    Your Disney Package Before Your Trip

    Hi there :wave:, has anyone gotten their Disney Package in the mail for their trip within the next month or so? Have you noticed the new Disney Photo Pass card in the package booklet. It says you will need to register the card before leaving for your trip? I was just wondering if anyone has, and...
  17. TinkerChelli

    Help maybe

    Hi there not sure if anyone can help but I love the "Wishes" CD and I am too impatient to wait for it by mail. Does anyone happen to have Wishes with Jiminey Cricket on Itunes and don't mind emailing the CD to me. I've been hearing it almost everyday on MouseWorld2 and I just need to have it as...
  18. TinkerChelli

    Epcot Question

    Hi Everyone :wave: I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get the Passport Book @ Epcot so I can get it stamped in every Pavilion (country) there. I heard about this a while back and never have done it yet. Any help I would truly appreciate. Thanks so much. :) Tinkerchelli
  19. TinkerChelli

    Norway Akershus Royal Banquet Hall (Breakfast)

    Hi Everyone, I have breakfast reservations in Ocotber for Norway (Akershus Royal Banquet Hall) for 8:00. I know Epcot does not open that early. Does anyone know how I get into the park to that restaurant? I will be staying at AKL I know the bus will take me to Epcot but really unsure how to get...
  20. TinkerChelli

    Hi from Northen New Jersey

    Hi from Northern New Jersey Hi everyone! :wave: I'm from Somerville, NJ Just wanted to drop in and say Hi :wave: ~Tinkerchelli~
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