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  1. J


    Just don't understand "slobs"! Walking to mainstreet from Buzz & see a woman walking & talking,unwrap candy & throw the wrap on the ground! Must have been too heavy to take to a trashcan! In Epcot get my fish & chips go to a table ...people left all their empty cups,paper plates & trash on the...
  2. J


    Just got a call...it happened....forget the good old bakery!Why not do away with the Barber shop ...can repl.it with Supercuts,Tony's can be repl.with Carrabas,Crystal Palace can be repl.with Olive garden,Pecos Bill repl.it with Taco Bell & Dairy Queen can now do the Dole Whips.Perhaps this...
  3. J

    I miss the "old" barber shop location.

    I know it's not a big deal to most....but....I miss getting a shave in the old location! It was a little like stepping back in time.It was peaceful & quiet.I looked forward to relaxing when MK got crowded ,got a nice shave,relaxed then was ready to hit wdw some more. Jim
  4. J

    Today at Disney World

    Did some last minute details & made it to WL this morning!Left Miami Lakes at 4am arrived at 8am...bad fog!Parking lot was full(bad sign).Got my room ,went to catch a boat to the MK....3 boats come out of thick fog after waiting 30 min.Boat Capt.tells us fog is too thick,you have to take a...
  5. J

    Wilderness Lodge or POR.

    Three days or more at either Resort.Price diff.of course.I've been to WL & liked it better than the Poly.Stayed 2 days at the POR & the bus system left a lot to be desired. Just wanted some feedback from those that have spent time at POR!I Don't know if it's good or bad but the POR is water...
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