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  1. tpoly88

    What is the worst thing about WDW currently?

    Agree on this. Friends of ours staying at the Riviera for 5 days before Christmas and cannot go to the parks as they couldn’t get reservation. I think that’s terrible.
  2. tpoly88

    News 2021 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival

    Having gone to the F&W a couple times this fall, i can say there are a couple things i noticed, wish they could bring some things back. First off, ive noted a couple times that there was A LOT more craft beer this year at the festival and sugary drinks plus, some of the food was too much golden...
  3. tpoly88

    Swan/Dolphin worth it?

    I did not see who you were going with, if its just adults i like the swan/dolphin as the food options are much better and getting to the boardwalk is a quick 3 minute walk and easy walk to epcot. HS is a little farther but the boat is fine to get over there. AK car share all the time for me...
  4. tpoly88

    If you could create or expand a transportation network on property..

    The skyliner is the cheapest way construct transportation of this magnitude in the park (besides a bus/boat) and is quick to build. the loading on the skyliners takes long and is problematic for some with disabilites and the system has to stop constanly for the loading/unloading. That being...
  5. tpoly88

    Lightning Lane prices?

    I dont have to do the paid LL pass at 7am that day and i check and see if it is available throughout the day? the regular LL you need to do at 7am correct? then it gives you a time window and do i have to be in that time window or can it be anytime after the window opens?
  6. tpoly88

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    according to the Tampa times its lower than that in the state at 8.6%. lowest since early july at 8000 cases a day. Looking at the Vaccine numbers one thing they do not add into the mix is how many people got the virus. They have as high or higher antibodies than if you got the shot. I got...
  7. tpoly88

    Rumor Guest Boat Rentals Not Returning

    i agree with you on the skill needed and people doing dumb things with the water mice. i love these things and they are fun to go look at the old areas of discovery island, try to see the old wave machine and look at river country but good god do people do some dumb things on these boats...
  8. tpoly88

    The Swan - Best View and Dining

    my wife and i stay at the Swan/dolphin all the time. the Swan was a westin so it has the heavenly beds that are very comfortable. The top floors were for SPG gold members so if you have marriott points tell the desk your request and they should be able to hook you up. eating at the Swan, we...
  9. tpoly88

    Are tickets to WDW really over priced?

    i agree you cannot compare WDW to and six flags, bush gardens or hershey park even. Six Flags great adventure in NJ during the summer a lot of the rides dont work because of brown outs and its filthy. things have gotten more expensive but thats part of keeping the parks in the shape they are...
  10. tpoly88

    Which one

    while i stay at SSR in a 2 bedroom and it was quite large and plenty of everything, i hate that the lobby and everything is a decent walk from where the rooms were. i like the more traditonial lobby type and i liked AKL the best.
  11. tpoly88

    Bucket List. First timer, traveling with a cancer patient, in need of your sage advice. :)

    very sorry to hear about your sister and i think its wonderful youre going with her. My favorite by MK is the contemporary but be careful at the contemporary as they are doing a big renovation and that might not be the place you want. the Poly is always a good fit as its closest to MK beside...
  12. tpoly88

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    i did not read every response so sorry if this was answered before; if i get a LL return at 11am and at 1015am i see the line is short and i go on the ride, do i still have my LL pass to ride again or will they know i went on and cancel the LL pass? i know that is something we did with the...
  13. tpoly88

    Nervous about dining

    i was there yesterday in epcot, went all around the world trying the food and wine. it was not crowded yesterday at all due to the heat, most people were indoors on the rides where possible. the F&W had several areas set up indoors to get out of the heat that were well spaced. after we went...
  14. tpoly88

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    The numbers are hard to follow in one sense. They are not giving the information of who is getting covid (age group), who is dying from covid (age group, vaccinated yer or no), the people that are vaccinated and getting covid which shot did they get and what were the symptoms? my wife and i had...
  15. tpoly88

    Give me 5 reasons why I should book AKL

    agree with this. the hotel is really nice and the food great. just check as i think they are doing a pool refurbishment. the CL there is probably the best on property.
  16. tpoly88

    Disney alienates 90% of their guests......What is going on?

    Before i lived in Fl we always would stay at a deluxe and usually GF, it was not as crazy expensive as now but i do feel differently now that im a FL resident and an AP. we always drive over for the day and the only time ill stay over is during the fall when we will do the F&W and goto MNSS or...
  17. tpoly88

    You're not a 'Disney World Veteran' until you've done the following...........

    ive done this a couple times kids go nuts, makes you smile. ive also taken a rest on Uni of energy, france, the land, CoP, sky ride and hall of presidents. did HS, F&W and MNSS at MK in one day. then the fun began on the bus home, kid had diarrhea that went all over the seat and his poor mom...
  18. tpoly88

    Parks and Dining

    yes i agree the 3 restaurants in the AKL are great. they also have the best club level food on disney property. Also check out Il mulino for dinner at the swan as you can take the boat there from HS or Epcot (or walk) and take a quick uber back to AKL. lunch make sure you get out of the heat...
  19. tpoly88

    Need advice

    i have to say that with some of the covid protocols still in place at the resurants they cant just have you pull up a chair to make 5. you'll need a 6 top as someone said. you can call and they can try to accommodate you but i tried to do this a couple months back and it was a no go, had to go...
  20. tpoly88

    Where to dine on Animal Kingdom day?

    my wife and i always stop in at the bar at tiffins to cool off and a quick bite. Jiko is one of my favorite places in Disney especially as before covid they brought back the wine tasting they serve for dinner with an all South African list. food is great too, as mention by aliceismad, all the...
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