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  1. Berret

    Do you think Disney will some day require facial scanning/recognition as part of its entry procedures?

    Just something that I've been curious about. I know that biometrics are part of park entry procedures, but I wonder if one day Disney will require more than that. Facial scanning is something I've read a lot of people are against, and not just because of the privacy aspect of it. Companies...
  2. Berret

    Space Mountain hurts me too much to ride it again until it's repaired. Anyone else feel this way?

    Hey all. I know there is a thread about Space Mountain repair ideas, but I think this is a bit separate. The last time I rode Space Mountain, it jangled me so badly that I had a headache for the rest of the day, and I was completely miserable. I couldn't tell you which side I went on, but it...
  3. Berret

    How does Disney know how much each attraction "makes"?

    I was just watching one of Martin's videos about Star Tours and its ballooning costs during construction. It made me wonder how Disney accounts for attractions and how they determine what each one brings in. Everything depreciates over time, but does Disney think, "Well this ride will be good...
  4. Berret

    How Long Before Disney Starts Changing Infants?

    In the grand tradition of these recent infant and tattoo posts, how long do you think it'll be before Disney starts changing your infants for you? I mean, if they're going to charge full price, or at least full children's price, for them, they should provide more amenities like that, no?
  5. Berret

    Has Disney ever listened to fan/guest feedback regarding a proposed attraction change or closing and actually changed its mind?

    While some things do stick around for a long time, eventually, change just happens. I'm sure this is a simple yes/no question, but I'm genuinely curious if this has ever happened.
  6. Berret

    Stacey of the Must Do's

    Hey everyone. I'm just curious, because she's been such a long-time feature of Disney World, at least on Disney's TVs, has anyone here actually met her? I'm also curious if you've ever seen her during the filming of different segments, and what she does for Disney, if anything, when she's not...
  7. Berret

    Space Mountain - WDW - Does It Still Shake Really Badly?

    Hi everyone. It's been a while since I've been on here, and mostly lurking and reading since then. I wanted to ask if Space Mountain at WDW still has the horrible shakes. I used to enjoy riding Space Mountain, would do it multiple times in a row when I was younger. However, the last time I...
  8. Berret

    Have you ever *wanted* a ride to break down?

    Not in a bad way, mind you. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever wanted a ride to break down/stop at a particular spot on a ride. For example, when I'm on HM, I've always wanted it to break down when the Doom Buggy goes backwards down the hill leading to the graveyard, so I can really lean...
  9. Berret

    Why All the Vitriol Against Disney?

    I haven't been here in a while, other than checking in every now and then and making a comment or two. My wife just had our baby(her second, my first), so we've been very busy with that. Hopefully we can make her a Disney baby in two or three years :) Anyway, it seems like lately, there are...
  10. Berret

    Do Cast Members Dread the Crowd Rush?

    So, I was just watching one of Martin's videos, specifically about Soarin', and it got me thinking: Do cast members who work at attractions that are very busy ever dread the rush of people when the park or attraction opens up and people come running, sometimes literally, to try to be the first...
  11. Berret

    IT Jobs and Disney

    Let me begin this thread by saying I certainly don't have all of the information about this topic, and I'm bringing it up from an information-seeking standpoint. I know there are some current/former cast members who frequent these forums, but I welcome anyone's input. I remember hearing...
  12. Berret

    Extra Magic Hours ending?

    If this has been discussed elsewhere, I apologize. My wife was looking through her Facebook feed last week and saw an article, I forget if it was by a blog we follow or someone she knows, that said that the information being sent to travel agents about park scheduling and such does not contain...
  13. Berret

    It's A Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah...Tip For Today!

    So I was listening to Mouse World Radio on my phone, which I discovered thanks to these forums, and on channel one there were a lot of the older commercials for Epcot, MGM Studios, Pleasure Island, and others. All of a sudden something very familiar started playing. The little buildup music...
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