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  1. NickMaio

    Blaming Covid......c'mon now DL

    https://insidethemagic.net/2021/08/disney-ends-happiest-class-on-earth-program-ks1/ Cutting something that genuinely made an impact in the California community, that us really crummy DL. I hope they start something else like it soon or on the WDW coast. Getting students involved is getting...
  2. NickMaio

    Scream with your heart?

    https://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20200708/29043/big-debate-should-screaming-be-banned-roller-coasters Whaaaaat, no screaming or yelling. I dont know if WDW plans to implement this, just curious on what y'all thought. Not sure I would go......thinking now.
  3. NickMaio

    Should WDW open?

    CNN: Disney World workers petition to delay reopening as Florida coronavirus cases surge. https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/24/media/disney-world-petition-trnd/index.html Honestly, I personally think it's too soon. Even if cases were not on the rise, which they are. We love WDW, it's not going...
  4. NickMaio

    Common cold?

    Please give this a read if you think this Virus is like the common cold. We canceled our last minute WDW vacation. Are are unsure about any kind of travel. Maclean's: Cancel your March break. https://www.macleans.ca/?p=1196917
  5. NickMaio

    Would you work at WDW for ...... FREE?

    It looks like 10,000 people would .......... https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/08/travel/disney-parks-moms-panel.html Wow - - - I have heard about the panels, but I did not know they were unpaid.
  6. NickMaio

    2020 The Year of the Upcharge >:(

    Some number crunching here - - - https://www.themeparktourist.com/news/20191112/37580/dates-three-different-upcharge-events-magic-kingdom-2020-now-available The first half of 2020 being almost half the calendar days involving upsell tickets and / or early closures. Should give everyone a...
  7. NickMaio

    Epcot Food and Wine.....on the first day?

    So we are thinking of going to Epcots F&W on the first day, Thursday. Doea anyone know what the crowds are like on the first day? Thanks
  8. NickMaio

    Haunted Mansion Upgrade .... anyone?

    Thought this was interesting - - - - - - - - I love the classic WDW version, but this was fun to watch. Check it out.
  9. NickMaio

    Indiana Jones Coaster - DLP

    Why this was not done inside makes little sense - - - - I know the money, but come on. Such a crummy ride at a DL park. Especially tied to the Indiana Jones franchise. And what ..... no lava beneath you. It is kind of good to know that other parks around the world get crummy rides...
  10. NickMaio

    Just watched Mystic Manor and Pirates in SDL and.......

    So I know I "only" watched POV videos of these rides but - - - - Man do I ever feel scammed now....... Being a LONG time visitor of WDW really had me thinking why can't WDW's parks have rides of this caliber - - specifically dark rides. They seemed to be a cool mix of universals rides and WDW...
  11. NickMaio

    Is SM done yet?

    Hi Everyone Does anyone know what they were doing to Space Mountain this past summer? The normal exit on the conveyor belt was closed and we exited out some nasty back way. It looked like they were doing renos of some type. The music in the entrance tunnels was also off, in all areas - we...
  12. NickMaio

    Favourite "strange" WDW smell.....

    Ya I know the post tiltle sounds weired. Having just returned from WDW this week. One of the smells I love is the grease they use on the rollers for Space Mountain and other older coasters. Being inside you can really smell it. Yet this is very nostalgic for me. They have been using the same...
  13. NickMaio

    Rides for very tiny people :)

    We are taking our 9 month little one to WDW very soon. I know we can go on rides that have no height restriction. I wanted to know some recommended rides for a 9 month. He might be attached to me via a carrier or sitting between us or on your lap. This is our first trip with our mini-me.. We...
  14. NickMaio

    Vacation Planning DVD

    Got to watching the 2018 WDW Vacation Planning DVD. Realizing that we have been doing this for over 10 years now as a pre vacation pump up/tear up:). It has become a big part of our trip. Sometimes we watch it at home months before and watch it a couple of times. Sometimes we watch it in the car...
  15. NickMaio

    In before 9am

    Ok so we are going in early July. The park states it opens at 9am. We would love to take some family pictures with our little guy before the park gets really crammed. Do we need breakfast reservations to get onto mainstreet before 9am? I know rides wobt be open. We would just like some...
  16. NickMaio

    Mainstreet question?

    If the park opens at 9am can any guest access mainstreet USA at 8 or 8:30? Or do you need breakfast reservations? Thanks NM
  17. NickMaio

    Horizons Nerds Unite

    Ok - I loved Horizons. Favourite WDW ride of ALL time. To this date Disney has yet to match it for me. Lots of cool stuff, but no Horizons equivalent. I really enjoyed how this one ride tied in all areas of future world together. If you loved the ride as much as me please check out - One of...
  18. NickMaio

    Stroller Question for Park Hopping

    Hi Everyone, We are going this summer with our little one, he will be 9 month during our trip. My question is concerning strollers. Right now we have a Uppa Baby Cruz, its comfortable not too big he finds it super comfortable. Should we look at getting another kind of stroller, smaller...
  19. NickMaio

    Disney in Canada!!!

    How has nobody posted this ??? http://dailyhive.com/toronto/disneyland-toronto-islands-resort-canada WHAT - - - -CAN'T WAIT. 4 HOURS DRIVE TO DISNEY :)
  20. NickMaio

    Night Time Parades Vs Fireworks

    Hi Everyone, Just wondering if anyone, ahem Martin perhaps ;), would know if there was ever a period when the MK in WDW did not have a nighttime parade? I tried to google and search but came up empty handed. As a side note, we are bringing our little guy for his first visit this summer and I...
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