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  1. Otterhead

    Trip Report A wacky trip gone awry, but still magical

    My two housemates and I have done a bunch of WDW/Disneyland trips as tour guides for newbies and family members over the past few years, and after two trips in a row corralling 12-14 people from multiple households, we decided we needed a 'just us' trip. So we planned out eight days at two...
  2. Otterhead

    Blue Bayou -- Monte Cristo

    Can anyone confirm the status of the Monte Cristo sandwich at Blue Bayou these days? I'm going there in November and have seen notes on various Disney boards saying that it's either no longer offered at all, is only offered during lunch, or is a "secret menu item" available on request (which...
  3. Otterhead

    Trip Report Star Wars Interactive Adventure! (sort of)

    On my recent trip, myself and two friends -- all big Star Wars fans -- participated in the new Star Wars Rebels Interactive Adventure and I thought I'd share my thoughts. Now let me preface this by saying that we had recently done the Haunted Mansion Ghost Post as a birthday gift, which was...
  4. Otterhead

    Test Track 2.0 soundtrack?

    I've been trying unsuccessfully for awhile to find the full queue soundtrack to Test Track. The official Epcot album has part of it, but the full loop hasn't made its way onto any of the usual sites yet. Has anyone found it?
  5. Otterhead

    Art of Disney online?

    Is there anyplace online where the posters/art on the Art of Disney kiosks are available for purchase? It seems bizarre to me that the only way to peruse that art is on a half-dozen fiddly kiosks around WDW, since it's all ordered and shipped from an outside vendor anyhow.
  6. Otterhead

    Quick tip on in-room dining / meal plan

    I discovered a little known Dining Plan 'option' during my recent trip. You can order room service on the plan, but no matter what you're ordering, if you charge it to your Dining Plan, it's automatically two Table Service credits. We discovered this when our teenage guest was charged two TS's...
  7. Otterhead

    Kidani Village -- crazy walk to my room!

    My group and I were super excited to be staying at Kidani Village, in a 3-bedroom savannah view room, but got a bit concerned on check-in when the CM asked if we had a car to park "at the far end"... and winced when we said no, we didn't have a car. I honestly can't believe the hotel was...
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