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  1. J

    I think Epcot’s embracing the Flat Earth theory?

    I need help figuring out what these barges add to the show. What are they supposed to do? I’m not impressed. Am I missing something?
  2. J

    Do we still need park reservations when back to full capacity??

    Before the pandemic I was thinking that Disney was over selling its parks to the point that you couldn’t enjoy your time at any park due to crowds. This is the answer I’m looking for if it doesn’t mean it will be harder to get reservations like it is now. I’m planning to go next year.
  3. J

    Worst Cast Member Experience

    Yeah, I’d probably say, “Thank you (insert name from name tag CM is wearing).”
  4. J

    Is this the new standard and am I the only one who sees it?

    I noticed this twice for the first time on my trip in 2014. I was at POR for Yehaa Bob Jackson's show and the CM working the restaurant saw me waiting and came over and said, "So are you going to order or not?" in such a rude way, almost like I didn't belong there. Later on that week, I was at...
  5. J

    Booked Pop Century- Now I'm Regretting It

    I had the same complaint 10 years ago. Apparently, not much has changed.
  6. J

    News Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Disney's Hollywood Studios opening date

    I don't plan on going until the 50th anniversary so hopefully everything will smooth by then. I'll only probably go back sooner if an attraction I like is going to close or something.
  7. J

    Bag Check for arriving to MK by boat from Wilderness Lodge?

    I hope they change to doing it this way by WDW's 50th. I'd prefer to have this done before getting to a park.
  8. J

    Amtrak Train

    I've been taking the Amtrak to Orlando almost every year since 2004. It's great. The train leaves my city around 5am and gets to Orlando a little after 12pm. I get to my room around 2-2:30 depending on how soon my shuttle service picks me up and drops me off to my resort hotel. Sometimes I...
  9. J

    Trip Report The One Way Ticket

    So what happens when you finish the drink? Can they cut up the pineapple for you to eat later? It seems like a waste of a pineapple to just throw it away.
  10. J

    Trip Report I Vowed Never Again ~ Yet Here We Are! *COMPLETED*

    It is a golden ticket! I remember walking in the FoP FP line last July when people were waiting over 4 hours in line. I walked right in to the loading area. It felt like the walk of shame (I had to avert my eyes due to the stares) because no one could get FPs for this ride that week!
  11. J

    First time Pop Century questions...

    She was staring at me, doing nothing. She was already at the online check-in stand.
  12. J

    First time Pop Century questions...

    She wasn't doing anything but staring at me. She was already at the online check-in stand.
  13. J

    First time Pop Century questions...

    Exactly. I don't like it at POP especially because the last time I stood in that line, I had to wait although no one else was in the line and there was a CM standing there ignoring me. She wasn't serving anyone. After about 10 minutes, she calls me over to the regular line (after the line of...
  14. J

    First time Pop Century questions...

    That's always been my experience except for one time.
  15. J

    Pre-Trip Let's spend some DVC points!!!

    I can't wait to read your trip report!
  16. J

    Time to pay the piper.

    I have a hard time staying anywhere other than the Wilderness Lodge. I've been staying at other resorts these past few years and I always end up asking myself why I didn't book the WL. I'm looking to stay there again during WDW's 50th anniversary. This will give me some time to save while I...
  17. J

    Trip Report Hurricanes, Foot Pains and “What The Crocs Just Happened?” Anniversary Tale – A Sept/Irma 2017 TR (COMPLETED)

    What audacity to disrespect her parents in public that way and then leave expecting her parents to pick up the check! She sounds like a spoiled brat who knows that her parents will pick up the slack no matter how she behaves. She must be really fun to live with.
  18. J

    Pin code

    The last time I got a code was 2008 or so. I went in 2010 and skipped going for 4 years. I never got a code and I still haven't gotten one. It always ended up having other people's names on it (not in my household) but to my address. They would still honor it but the times never matched to...
  19. J

    Amtrak Anyone?

    I took Town Car Now on my last trip to and from the Orlando Amtrak station. The drivers were very friendly and were waiting with a sign that had my name on it. The drivers will chat you up and give you pointers about attractions in the area you may want to try. I was traveling solo and it...
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